A Closer Look : The New Generation London

29 May 2016

The selection of ready to wear woman's brands coming out of London is astonishing. As well as graduates, long lasting Goodhood favourites such as Aries & Von Sono are pushing the concept of contemporary women's fashion.                                                                                                                                                                        




Ashley Williams launched her eponymous label in 2013, steadily rising to become one of the London fashion world's most talked about young designers. Her clothes blend a quirky, tongue-in-cheek sense of humour with a subtle confrontational nature. Her clothing uses graphics that are inspired by a range of areas including Punk and Hardcore music, as well as utilising quirky details such as embroidery and bold colours.











    Born and raised in Devon, South West England, Charlie May moved to Bristol to study fashion design before moving to London to start her eponymous label. Charlie May's aesthetic is minimal and contemporary, with a focus on silhouette, fabrication and colour. Directional, fresh and with a modern, digital based business model, Charlie May is at the forefront and a founding pillar of a new kind of London women's label. 











      Aries is the brainchild of Sofia Prantera, Fergus Purcell and Luca Benini. Sofia's eye and Fergus' unmistakable graphic style combine for a deadly combination. Everything is hand dyed, printed and aged in-house by the Aries team, staying true to the brands all encompassing DIY aesthetic. The epitome of London fashion at the moment.











        LF MARKEY

        After graduating, Louise Markey went on to consult for many luxury labels across the globe before settling settling back in London to channel her experience into her own label. LF Markey is widely lauded for it’s ability to reinterpret wardrobe staples through distortion of shapes, intricate finishing and a selection of sublime materials.











          VON SONO

          Von Sono's collections are truly one of a kind; intelligent and sophisticated, yet pieces are cut oversized and are adorned with graphic elements and politicised slogans. Every collection tells a story thorugh messasing, colour palette and shapes.





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