Transmissions From the Other Side of the World


Imogen Wilson is a freelance photographer, stylist and casting director based in Auckland, New Zealand. Imogen's work is renowned for it's eclectic, laid-back style and capturing the youth of her home. We chat to Imogen about her influences, the New Zealand lifestyle and living on the other side of the world...







Tell us about New Zealand...

New Zealand is a magical place located at the bottom of the Earth. There are only 4.4 million people living in New Zealand across both islands. It’s pretty quiet but a lot happens here. 



When we think of New Zealand it’s like a dream with epic scenery. What’s the reality?

It’s all true. I grew up on the East Coast of Wellington and travelled up and down the country frequently to visit family. The scenery is like no other and the people are super relaxed. Most kiwis don’t realise exactly how special it is until they venture overseas. We have it good here.






There is so much space and most of it is still untouched. We have everything from black sand beaches, rugged coastlines and turquoise thermal lakes to snowy mountains, white sand dunes and waterfalls. My favourite spots would have to be the Rotorua Thermal Parks and the Blue Springs.



Do you feel connected to the rest of the world? Is there a benefit to being so far away from Europe/America?

I sometimes feel a little disconnected but not enough to feel the need to rush overseas...just yet. Obviously in Europe and America there would be easier access to amazing collections to style with, incredible faces to take photos of and of course a lot more potential clients. However being based in New Zealand right now is cool. It is my main point of difference and seeing as most of my clients are international right now ~ If they are into it, I am. I think I’ll stay here for a bit longer. NZ rules!    








Can you tell us about the youth culture in NZ?

Everyone young in New Zealand right now is doing something. Whether it is just for fun, just for now or a full time career; everyone’s being creative and working on things that they love. It’s cool to see. 



The photos document two twins, how do you find your subjects to shoot?  

I met Rain six months ago when I was styling her for a music video. When her dad picked her up, China was there too. Since then I have worked with them both on some really cool jobs, like this! Together they have a really fun energy and are really laid back which are two things I always look for when picking who to work with.



Where were the Girls Love Goodhood photos taken?

At Mission Bay, twenty minutes from my house.



What equipment do you shoot with?

I use a Contax G1, however my all time favourite camera is a Contax T2.




 Make Up: Lara Daly / Models: Rain & China @ Milkshake Models




What other creatives inspire you?

Tyrone Lebon is my favourite photographer. Everything he does is perfect, especially what he does for Supreme and Stussy. Mikey Alfred from Illegal Civilization; the community he has created with IC and the way he inspires his followers is like no other. He runs shit! Other than that; James Jebbia, Ashley Williams, Emma Mulholland and Jiwinaia.



What are you listening to at the moment? Is there anyone from NZ we should know about?

Yeah heaps! New Zealand is full of cool musicians. Check out my two gal pals; October and Miss June.



Apart from Goodhood, what else do NZ girls love?

Sunshine, swimming and weed...







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