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LF Markey Dress

LF Markey Dress


Sunglasses by Sun Buddies, Dress by LF Markey, Shoes by Vans, Wallet by Comme des Garcons, Ring by Sarah & Sebastian, Necklace by Sarah & Sebastian



  • Classic Leather L - (SA0110) - Orange

    Comme des Garcons WalletsClassic Leather L - (SA0110) - Orange$223.60One Size














dkny top

dkny top


Sunglasses by Sun Buddies, Top by DKNY, Skirt by Nanushka, Sandals by Birkenstock, Ring by Sarah & Sebastian, Earring by Sarah & Sebastian.

















    Neul trousers

    stussy sweater


    Jumper by Stussy, Top by DKNYTrousers by Neul, Shoes by Vans, Sunglasses by Sun Buddies, Ring by Sarah & Sebastian



    • Small Disc Ring - 9k Yellow Gold

      Sarah & SebastianSmall Disc Ring - 9k Yellow Gold$341.90$171.6015mm/47 / 16.1mm/51 / 17.3/mm/55

















    Sunglasses by Illesteva, Dress by MM6, Sweater by Can Pep Rey, Shoes by EytysEarrings by Sarah & Sebastian, Ring by Sarah & Sebastian
















      comme des garcons skirt

      bag n noun bag


      Top by DKNY, Skirt by Comme des GarconsSandals by Suicoke, Bag by Bag 'N' Noun, Ring by Sarah & Sebastian, Sunglasses by Illesteva.



      • Link Ear Cuff - 925 Sterling Silver

        Sarah & SebastianLink Ear Cuff - 925 Sterling Silver$133.90$67.60One Size














      dkny dress

      dkny dress


      Sunglasses by Super, Dress by DKNY, Trousers by NuelSandals by Suicoke, Bag by Building Block, Ring by Tom Wood.



      • Clean Circle Ring - Polished Silver

        Tom WoodClean Circle Ring - Polished Silver$431.6016.5mm/52 / 17mm/54 / 18mm/56 / 18.6mm/58 / 19mm/60 / 20mm/62 / 20.3mm/64














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