CREATIVE LIVING - Natalie Gwyther-Jones


We step inside the North-London home of Goodhood Store & Womenswear Brand Manager Natalie Gwyther-Jones to talk interiors, prized possessions and incoming collections.




Sahra Mist




Where are you from originally and what made you want to make the move to London? 


I'm originally from Wales. I decided to move to pursue a career within the creative world and London seemed to be the most obvious choice. 



Have you always been drawn to interiors and homeware? 


Yes, I’ve always been obsessed with creating cosy, den like spaces. From a very young age I’d move my room around on a weekly basis, taking this to the next step I decided to pack up my bags and move into the garden shed where I could create my very own home! After day one, the novelty of a cold shed wore off! This might be where my fascination with log cabins, wooden interiors and warm textures stems from. Over the years I’ve collected unique homeware pieces to eventually add to my very own home.



Could you describe your dream house? 


The exterior simplicity of Japanese architecture, paired with a design conscious Scandinavian home, brought to life with accents of wood and huge windows allowing plenty of daylight. Let me know if you find one in London which doesn't cost a billion £££££££££'s. 





goodhood life store creative living homeware

goodhood life store creative living homeware

goodhood life store creative living homeware

Left to right: Macrame wall hanging, Ferm Living plant stand, Pendleton blanket  | Grafted book, Goods by Goodhood 'Fuck It!' coaster, Hay peas rug | Hay concrete flower pot.





If you had to pick a favourite item in your house, what would it be?


Difficult to say my one favourite piece! One of my best finds has been the marble effect 1960's coffee table, bought for an absolute bargain and my huge macrame wall hanging (not such a bargain!). However it does add texture to the walls instead of using paint or prints. 



Is there a specific type of homeware you are drawn to in the Life Store? 


I don't have a specific favourite area, however at the moment we have a great mixture of ceramics. Being hand-crafted, each one is unique and I'm often drawn to objects with imperfections.



How do you go about choosing what you buy for your home?


I invest in design items such as our string shelving unit, but also seek out independent stores and explore vintage markets where I particularly look for one off pieces or unique brands.





goodhood life store creative living homeware satta

Kristina Dam heart artwork, People I've loved - Things will work out, MAAPS pyramid incese holder, Satta skate deck. 









What are your three favourite women’s brands at Goodhood? 


Neul, Stand Alone and Aries have an incredible mixture of outerwear this season, some of the best! They are brining a mixture of velvets, checkered wools, graphic prints, lambskin and leopard print. Oversized coats to cropped bomber jackets, we've tried to select styles to suit all our customers.



What is your favourite item currently in stock? 


MM6 Vintage Shearling jacket. A timeless style, slightly oversized masculine shape with an elongated back, this one is THE ONE!!


goodhood life store creative living homeware

Neul trucker jacket, sunglasses by Super.





goodhood life store creative living homeware

goodhood life store creative living homeware

goodhood life store creative living homeware

Left to right: Menu concrette lamp, Vintage 60's Danish drinks cabinet | Studio Arhoj tea-light ghost, Studio Arhoj melting mug | Studio Arhoj ghost, String shelving.





Do you collect anything? 


Apart from being addicted to jewellery I have a small pyramid collection of various sizes, starting from the first one i bought in Egypt, which is a brass engraved pyramid. The rest have energising/healing stone qualities. They tend to pop up in each room somewhere! 



What is your favourite piece of art you own? 


The Black and White large Anne Nowak Haze Print. The haze is spray painted with acrylic paint and matt coal. (Seen in top portrait) 




goodhood life store creative living homeware

goodhood life store creative living homeware 

goodhood life store creative living homeware Left, right then bottom: Serax green-house, Wingnut ceramic sphere, Muuto glass carafe & tumblers. | Neighborhood incense chamber, Revo bluetooth speaker | Hay Coffee Spoon, Ferm Living Mugs & Brass Espresso cups, Kinto Mug, Hay scissors, Grampy's Drinking Tankered.  





goodhood life store creative living homeware

Muuto gym hooks, Nomess S hooks, MM6 jacket, Porter rucksack.



Do you think there is a relationship between clothing and homeware?  


Yes I feel there is a connection between them both and seasonality is an example. During Autumn/Winter we tend to layer up both our wardrobe and living spaces with comforting textures and warmer colours, whereas come Spring/Summer time we introduce light weight fabrics and fresh colours.



Is there anything exciting we should be looking out for for women this year? 


We've introduced Zucca for AW17. This season is a masculine collection of long, over-sized jackets and coats paired with high waisted, extra long heavy trousers. I thought this collection was great until I saw the SS18 collection.... it just gets better. 





 goodhood life store creative living homeware

 Ferm Living canvas laundry bag, Jenny Pennywood blanket, Broste sheepskin rug, Goodhood x Vans




Shop Profile


  • Vault x Goodhood UA OG Sk8-Hi LX - Classic White/Black

    VansVault x Goodhood UA OG Sk8-Hi LX - Classic White/Black$116.10UK3 / UK3.5 / UK4 / UK4.5 / UK5 / UK5.5 / UK6 / UK6.5

  • Pyramid Incense Holder - Brass

    M A A P SPyramid Incense Holder - Brass$58.05$41.28One Size

  • Ghost - Monochrome

    Studio ArhojGhost - Monochrome$21.93One Size

  • x Goodhood Incense - Nirvana

    Kuumbax Goodhood Incense - Nirvana$18.06One Size

  • Low Plant Stand - Black

    Ferm LivingLow Plant Stand - Black$34.83Low

  • Pot - Ochre - Small

    Ferm LivingPot - Ochre - Small$30.96S

  • Kelim Cushion 50x50cm - Black Triangles

    Ferm LivingKelim Cushion 50x50cm - Black Triangles$76.1150x50cm

  • Grafted - Plants by Kohei Oda & Pots by Adam Silverman

    Grafted - Plants by Kohei Oda & Pots by Adam Silverman$47.73One Size

  • Familia - Monochrome

    Studio ArhojFamilia - Monochrome$30.96One Size

  • Ghost Light - White

    Studio ArhojGhost Light - White$43.86One Size

  • Max 365 Calendar

    NavaMax 365 Calendar$64.50One Size

  • Blackwing Pearl Pencil - Individual

    PalominoBlackwing Pearl Pencil - Individual$3.87One Size

  • India Cloth - Black

    PuebcoIndia Cloth - Black$5.1654x52

  • SCS Mug 320ml - Black x Brown

    KintoSCS Mug 320ml - Black x Brown$30.96320ml

  • Wooden Tray - 85x21

    Hasami PorcelainWooden Tray - 85x21$21.9385x21

  • Kitchen Scissors

    HAYKitchen Scissors$6.45One Size

  • Clip Clip With Spoon - Brass

    HAYClip Clip With Spoon - Brass$10.32One Size

  • SCS Sign Paint Mug 340ml - Think

    KintoSCS Sign Paint Mug 340ml - Think$30.96340ml

  • Half Moon Laundry Basket - Black/White

    Ferm LivingHalf Moon Laundry Basket - Black/White$76.11One Size

  • S-Hook 5-Pack - Black

    NomessS-Hook 5-Pack - Black$14.19One Size

  • JWDA Concrete Lamp - Light Grey/Brass

    MenuJWDA Concrete Lamp - Light Grey/Brass$205.11One Size

  • 300ml Mist Sprayer - Copper

    Haws300ml Mist Sprayer - Copper$20.64300ml

  • Corky Carafe - Clear

    MuutoCorky Carafe - Clear$56.76One Size

  • Corky High Glasses - Clear

    MuutoCorky High Glasses - Clear$56.76High