Counter Culture

A Dive into Wes Anderson's (personal, not cinematic) off-screen style


Wes Anderson's dress style is as distinctive as his filmmaking and cinematic style. Known for tonal colours from head-to-toe, vintage-inspired silhouettes and cuts, well-tailored suits, corduroy and derby shoes. A mix of vintage and contemporary elements, creating a timeless and idiosyncratic look. We think Wes Anderson's personal style runs parallel with his cinematic style. Formalism, the opposite of realism; filmmaking that uses lighting, sound, music, set design and colour to help tell the story. Anderson's films are instantly recognisable because of this. His practical yet eccentric and well-considered style seems to mirrors this. He's created his own ecostystem of actors in a self-contained community. The same actors showing up in new films, mind-blowing performances, incredible wardrobe, almost living in their own funhouse version of the world. A more fun, more colourful, and more playful version of reality, as also demonstrated by Anderson's personal wardrobe...


Prior to the rising surge in popularity of The North Face's line of Nuptse 1996 jacket, there was Wes Anderson. Often sporting a bright blue iteration, the jacket's warmth, insulation and functionality is ideal on sets, but also has a great look to it. Same goes for parka jackets which are often worn by both crew and cast in-between takes. The jacket often associated with Mods servers as a warm and reliable option, plenty of coverage, and protects against the elements. Parka jackets tend to have good storage for scripts, notes, walkie-talkies and other tools required during filming. Practical whilst simultaneously looking effortlessly good.



Formal Fitting Trousers

Wes Anderson's penchant for suits and tailored trousers reflects his timeless and refined aesthetic that is mirrored in some of the characters in his films. With meticulous attention to detail, he wears classic silhouettes and muted colours, always well tailored to his slim body type, sometimes with a matching jacket. A sartorial choice that has become synonymous with him.


Clarks Originals Wallabees

The Clarks Originals Wallabee is nothing short of an iconic shoe. They've got a laid-back charm about them, and are well-established in various industries and communities. Worn by the likes of hip-hop legends Wu-Tang Clan and Notorious B.I.G, to Breaking Bad's nerdy science teacher turned drug lord Walter White, to writer and 1969 Nobel Prize winner Samuel Beckett. All very eccentric people in their own ways. The Wallabee blends into Anderson's style of suits, sturdy fabrics and big outerwear. The Wallabee could be considered to be sitting somewhere between a sneaker and a dress shoe. All the comfort, flexibility and durability of a good pair of trainers and can be worn with denim, shorts, sweatpants, pretty much anything. You can pair with a suit and they look great too. Versatile style. Something that is exercised by Anderson a lot... 




We can’t talk about Anderson’s style without acknowledging his uniforn, the corduroy suits. Corduroy dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and is atill popular in present day. Very well known to be a versatile fabric, often used in workwear and well-made wardrobe staples from Dickies, Carhartt WIP and Beams PlusOn set directing, at events, spotted in public, he's often seen in corduroy. He often dresses his characters his corduroy suits and clothing, but no one does it quite like the maestro himself. 



Use of Brown

The incorporation of brown clothing in Anderson's wardrobe evokes a real vintage charm. He's often seen in earthy tones like tan, camel, and dark brown (often with Wallabees to match). The use of brown is complimentary to the layers he shirts, knitwear and accessories he dresses with, all while looking somewhat eccentric on red carpet events. Not your usual tux...



Checkered Shirts

Finally, the checkered shirt. Adds a real contemporary touch to Anderson's distinctive style. Flashes of checkered and patterned shirts peering through knitwear and blazers, sometimes paired with a tie, gives a real eccentric look and feel and embodies a unique blend of sophistication and idiosyncrasyAnderson's choice of checkered shirts lends a sense of nostalgia and playfulness to his attire, echoing the nostalgic atmospheres he creates on screen.