Talking Heads

Goodhood x Bone Soda

Photography: Sirui Ma

Bone Soda are a London-based crew with a global soul. Known for a sonically well-travelled NTS show and a slew of riotous parties, we teamed up with Bone Soda to celebrate the release of Nike’s Dunk Viotech. Originally released in Japan in 2002, the Viotech is an iconic Dunk colourway. A predecessor to the successful Pro B and SB series, the vibrant style returns for the first time in 6 years. We spoke to Bone Soda about how they formed, what the upcoming Dunk Viotech release means to them, and what’s next for the crew...


Who is Bone Soda?

Diogo: At this moment in time, Bone Soda is Skinny, Truce, Robyn, Tommy, and myself. But Bone Soda is our homies; our community. The people that come to experience our parties, events and shows, to support us to keep going.

Truce: To me, Bone Soda is not about any of us individually, but about us all as a music community. We just want to be a music sharing monster. That’s why the majority of our parties are free. All you have to do is make it down early enough!

Where does the name Bone Soda come from?

Truce: Once upon a time, I spent a whole summer in Jamaica. My uncle gave me a skinny baby goat and I called it Soda. We thought that was random as hell, so we threw that in there.

Then we were thinking, we need something to add to it. We tried other words, but felt a warm feeling upon being handed the word ‘Bone’ from the gods. When we used to do funny dance moves, we would ask ‘is something wrong with your bones?’

Mission complete: BONE SODA

What is the Bone Soda Mantra?

Truce: No Rules, just find a way... With love.

Why do you think you work so well as a collective?

Diogo: We're all different people with different backgrounds and tastes, but we work as a combination of people. I think our differences bring us together.

What does London mean to you?

Truce: The ability to flex & learn.

Diogo: Opportunity. I grew up in a very different place, but I’ve been able to do so many things in London. I don’t think many other places in the world can offer this experience.

Robyn: I think London is about connection. London is a hub for such amazing, multi-dynamic culture. And with all the culture comes the emergence of platforms through which people can connect. For Bone Soda, that platform is music, and all of the people in our community are uniquely connected through that.

How does it feel being a creative collective in London?

Truce: The word collective doesn’t hit, I’d like to think we’re a team. And we’re performing together, like a band or an ensemble - but in a different field & scope. Doing what we do in London is amazing for pulling resources as an ensemble.

A quote from you guys: ‘London is our home, but our roots are international’. What’s been your favourite international spot to work in so far?

Diogo: We have a soft spot for South Africa that we try and visit as often as possible. Our family there is incredible and we try to support them and the culture as best we can. Also loved CDMX, Moscow, Tiblisi, Mumbai, Porto, and Salvador da Bahia. We’re trying to make an impact in a bunch of cities around the world in the next 2 years.

Truce: Yeah we love South Africa, it's Bone Soda’s second home. We have more plans out there for 2020. But I love what Los Angeles & Netherlands are doing, constantly on the creative attack. But South Africa's work ethic is insane.

What does Nike mean to you?

Truce: For us, Nike are the best at what they do. And we’re quite competitive haha.

Diogo: Very competitive. Being the best, as a team, that’s something we always aim for. Nike is pretty much the only brand I’ve bought since I’ve had a choice.

Robyn: I think Nike is about passion and perseverance. It is about giving your all. And, that is something that we always do.

Why do you think people resonate towards the Dunk style?

Diogo: They’re comfy and easy to wear.

Robyn: They are just one of those timeless, iconic, Nike sneakers and they're designed by the legend Peter Moore!

Truce: Mad colourways, the colour choices are always on point.

Why do you think the Viotech has seen a huge resurgence of late?

Diogo: The Dunk silhouette has seen a massive comeback recently, and with so many sneaker releases every week, bringing back such a classic, sought after colourway is a way to show the Dunk is back. I think the high re-sell prices of the past 2 releases of the Dunk Viotech, plus a slow build of hype for the 3rd release is why people want them even more.

What do you like about Goodhood?

Diogo: It’s a well-designed space, lots to see, it’s one of my favourite spots to go in the city.

Truce: Ever since the first time I was taken there by the ‘Work It Girls’, Loren Platt & Sara El Dabi a decade ago. There’s always something I want in the store, I think I even tried to intern in the studio!

Robyn: Ditto! My bank account screams the minute I walk in! A brilliant curation of a fair few of the best global contemporary brands. I love the homeware section.

Out of all the brand’s we stock in-store, which is your favourite and why?

Diogo: Snow Peak, Comme des Garçons, Cav Empt, Suicoke, Kuumba, Super, and a bunch of others.

Truce: Nah, ya’ll have too many good brands in store!

If you could have anything in the store right now, what would it be?

Diogo: I’ve wanted the Snow Peak bamboo chair for so long! And there’s an aluminium toolbox I really like, as well as the kit-cat clock. You guys have my home address.

Robyn: All the oversized Needles Women's jumpers, plus everything Baserange. I'm sustainably obsessed!

Truce: I need to stay warm in that Stone Island Down Coat.

They say all the best crews have a cohesive look, how would you describe your style?

Diogo: We facetime each other every day to do a fit check.

Truce: We say having crazy swag is key for balance; being unbalanced is the root of all evil. So, to feel true, I have to drape my body in the finest streetwear.

Diogo: Facts.

What’s next for Bone Soda?

Truce: Release more music on the label front!

Diogo: Expand the Creative Studio side of Bone Soda, collaborating to create more memorable experiences and moments.

Robyn: Get more organized.