Goodhood x Flagstuff

with Kosuke Kawamura

We team up with Neo-Tokyo’s finest Flagstuff, for an ongoing collaborative project - entitled Goodstuff. The first release is a limited set of graphic-adorned apparel and accessories, featuring artwork designed by Tokyo’s Kosuke Kawamura. A bold artist with a unique style, Kawamura possesses an immersive collage technique. He recently teamed up with legendary illustrator and Akira mastermind Katsuhiro Otomo on the global Akira Art Wall project - a pop-up event showcasing collaborative artwork from the cult anime. Kawamura made a name for himself as a graphic designer and creative director. An avid Dragon Ball Z fan, his creative technique involves ‘destroying and rearranging’ - taking pieces apart to construct something new and endearing. A true artist, Kawamura finds creative bliss in creating new work: "Art is only interesting to me as long as I practice it. What is done is boring, so as soon as I have finished my work, I move on to the next one. For me, making art means being free."


Models: @badbadsai + @delta9kid (@aphroditegangstudio)
Styling: Shimada Tatsuya (@tatsuyashimada1984)
Photography: Mori Kento (@kentomori.insta)
Hair: Yoshida Taro (@taro6078)