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The 10 piece tool kit for the outdoor gear head


Tried and tested by the Goodhood team, let us guide you through the 10 must-have essentials that will turn your adventure into the wilderness into a comfortable and functional home away from home. Whether you’re camping with your friends or going on a solo expedition, we’ve got you covered.


Snow Peak Amenity Dome 6 Person Tent

Don’t be fooled into thinking this tent is some complex contraption. The Snow Peak Amenity Dome is by far one of the easiest tents to put up and weights practically nothing. Set-up the inner by sliding the colour-coordinated poles 3 into the corresponding tunnels and strap your outer-shell on with the matching buckles. Tension is all together with the guy ropes and you’re good to go. 

Size: 540 x 310 x 165cm (Sleeping space: 295cm x 295cm)

Size when packed away: (L: 7cm x W: 23cm x H: 27cm)



Helinox Tactical Sunset Chair

We’re going to come out and say it - this is the most portable chair on earth. There’s many imitations of the Helinox Tactical Sunset Chair, but nothing can match up to the quality of the real deal. Folding down into a little bag and weighing less than 1kg, it’s as simple and light as it can be thanks to it’s aluminium alloy frame. The seat cover is also made from weather-resistant military-inspired fabrications and you can even secure your valuables or hike gear with the integrated pockets on the side. This is a chair for life.

Size: Height: 98cm x Width: 59cm x Depth: 72cm



Snow Peak Single Sleeping Bag

The Snow Peak Sleeping Bag is by no-means basic for an entry sleeping bag. Priced at just £57, this super comfortable and soft sleeping bag comes in a pouch which doubles-up as a pillow when stored during the day. Zip two together to create a double duvet and store your prized possession in the inner-pocket. Suitable for temperatures from 5.C making it ideal for spring and summer camping. With this, there’s certainly no need to rough it.

Size: Length: 6.4ft by Width: 2.5ft



Snow Peak Fire and Grill Starter Kit

Often peoples first introduction to the world of Snow Peak, this genus bit of kit unfolds like a piece of origami and can hold hot coals and firewood. Where some campsites don’t allow campfires, the Snow Peak Fire and Grill Set comes with a base plate to prevent any contact with the ground. In true Snow Peak fashion, there are of course hundreds of different culinary accessories that can transform the humble fire pit into a grill, pizza oven or smoker. Once you’ve got one, we guarantee you’ll be bragging about it to your mates.



YETI Roadie 24

Last year a YETI Roadie was rescued out of a boat fire and the ice was still frozen inside and the beers ready-chilled. Now if that (rather unfortunate) event alone doesn’t tell you all you need to know about why YETIs are the best coolers on the planet, then we don’t know what will. Tall enough to fit a bottle of wine (and other camping essentials), the YETI Roadie features durable handles and non-slip feet making it easy to trail around in the back of your car. Pair with a whole range of Roadie accessories including bespoke-sized ice blocks and baskets to keep your cooler organised. Plus, from personal experience, It’s also tough enough to double-up as an emergency stool or foot rest.

45cm x 39cm x 42cm



Snow Peak Hozuki Light

Inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns, the Snow Peak Hozuki Light is a more natural approach to lighting around your camp. With its intuitive features like the sleep mode which dims the light as the noise decreases in your tent or the flickering of the candle-light setting, the Hozuki is more much user friendly than your standard head-lamp or torch.



RUMPL The Original Puffy Blanket

Cosy and versatile, the RUMPL blanket is an adventurers essential. Packed tightly into a carry-friendly bag, the blanket can be used as a picnic blanket or as an extra layer during twilight. One of the features we love the most are the little hooks which allow you to wear it as a cape seeing you through from day-to-night.

Size: 127cm x 178cm



Snow Peak Field Coffee Master

Nothing says DFL like whipping out a Snow Peak Coffee Master on a campsite crowded with tin kettles and Nescafe. But who cares? Because you’ll have the last laugh when you’re brewing fresh coffee, barista-style in the outdoors. This bit of kit can work as a percolator or as a pour-over system for mellow V60 coffee.

Dimensions: 20 × 13 × 19cm



Snow Peak Titanium Single Cup 450

Snow Peak's connection with titanium begins back in the early 1960s. Their founder, Yukio Yamai started Snow Peak as a climbing equipment company and established deep connections with the metalworkers in his hometown of Tsubame-Sanjo. Since then, titanium has been the foundation of many of their products. Lightweight and strong, the Snow Peak Titanium Single Cup's folding handles make it perfect for back-packers and the single-wall version can be used under fire to heat water. This is a mug you’ll have for life.

D3.4" x H3.6"



Snow Peak Solidstake 30 12 inches Tent Pegs

Now these aren’t no ordinary pegs. Made from solid steel from Japan, these Snow Peak Solidstake Pegs can endure any kind of winds and weather with and hold down your tent or tarp with ease. The small hole at the top is designed to be used in conjunction with the Snow Peak hammer for super easy removal.