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From Gorpcore to Gommcore: Good Ol' Mushrooms and Magic


Gorpcore; whether you love it or hate it, it doesn't look like the peoples love for time spent outdoors is dropping off any time soon, and we can see why. Connecting with nature, the fresh air away from the busyness of city living, moving your body by hiking, running trails, climbing and swimming. Not to mention the clothes - outerwear, rugged boots, GORE-TEX, functional accessories. It's a yes from us, only, we like to think of Gorp as less Good Old Raisins and Peanuts, and more Good Old Mushrooms and Magic.


Functionality meets fashion as durable jackets, weather-resistant shells, and insulated layers seamlessly blend with the aesthetic. These garments, often inspired by classic outdoor gear, not only shield against the elements but also symbolize a connection to nature and adventure. The importance of outerwear in Gorpcore lies in its ability to elevate utilitarian pieces into stylish statements, reflecting a lifestyle that values both urban exploration and outdoor resilience. It encapsulates the essence of embracing the elements while remaining effortlessly chic.




A style rooted in outdoor and adventure gear that prioritises practicality, often without sacrificing style, thanks to the popularity of the subculture. Footwear required for long walks, runs and hikes seamlessly blends performance and aesthetics, embracing rugged designs with technical features. Waterproof and breathable materials, robust soles, and innovative closures characterise these shoes, ensuring durability in various terrains. Brands like New Balance, Salomon, Hoka One One, and Asics have become synonymous with Gorpcore footwear, offering a blend of form and function.



Camping and Outdoor Equipment

Camping; the next level of exploring the outdoors, spending the night sleeping under the stars. Unreliable UK weather often means, at all times of the year, you've got to invest in some reliable equipment like a tent and sleeping bag as your essentials. Fire pits, coffee equipment, lanterns and chairs for the seasoned camper. For a more in-depth breakdown of our camping offering, read up on our staff Snow Peak Field Trip into the wild where we tried and tested a range of outdoor goods.