Our latest addition to the ever growing collection of increasingly Good Vibes comes from none other than prolific German producer & DJ Lauer. Conceived as more of a mixtape leading us into springtime, and the longer days ahead lying in the sun, Lauer takes us all on a transcendent journey through some of his current favourite tracks, and soon to be ours, including his latest track with regular collaborator Dena.

Photo credit: Nils Müller




1. Björn Torske - Brus

2. nit - Drawn To Me (Cesar Wogue Dub)

3. M + H - Always Love

4. Suzanne Kraft - On Our Hands

5. Benedek - Solar Panel

6. Dena & Lauer - Pictures (Instrumental)

7. My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

8. Andy Romano - Cyber Black Spaceship

9. Dena & Lauer -  Don't Let Go

10. SPK - Mouth To Mouth

11. Myserymix - Adjust Your Love

12. Kirlian Camera - Blue Room (Instrumental Coda)

13. Stereo Lab - Super Falling Star

14. Baba Stiltz - You Can't Put Your Arm Around A Memory