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Aries is a venture from dream-team duo Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell. With years of expert experience behind them, Fergus and Sofia's story is one worth telling. Sofia is best known for founding and pioneering cult streetwear label Silas in the mid-90s. This is where she first met Fergus, whose impressive oeuvre includes t-shirt label Tonite and more recently the now-iconic branding of skate label PALACE. The two are now reunited under the Aries umbrella and Sofia's expert eye combined with Fergadelic's idiosyncratic graphic style makes for one deadly combo.

Sitting in a sweet spot in between streetwear and high fashion, Aries plays with allusions to the grandiosity of major fashion houses alongside expertly picked underground reference points.


The Idiosyncratic Style of Aries

The Idiosyncratic Style of Aries

Aries Ancient Column Sweat - Beige

Aries Ancient Column Sweat - Beige







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