10 Questions with Life is Unfair


To celebrate the launch of a Life is Unfair's 'Unfair Life' homeware line exclusive to Goodhood, we hit up head honcho Jack Charlie Mitchell for our infamous 10 Questions. Take a look at Jack's answers, a peak at the Life is Unfair lookbook, and shop the very limited homeware collection.

Life Is Unfair, the glittery garish grafix company transmitting live from a windowless basement in East London. They make loud gear printed by human hand on Planet Earth as a conduit to explore the hilarious absurdity of meaningless existence in our dystopian reality, or as a dear friend of Life is Unfair found Jack once said - “It’s 21st century living at its worst, clothes gone mad in a world that’s cursed”. Themes exploring the infinite imbalance of good and bad are laced with raw sub-cultural cues and satirical slogans to create seasonless collections that unify the free thinkers, societal outcasts and wishful dreamers alike, filling the void of connected togetherness through unfiltered visual chaos and a “Loving is Living” mentality. Built on over a decade of disorder in the indie DIY scene, Life Is Unfair operates outside of traditional genres, ripping and tearing the lines between skateboarding, music, independent publishing and fashion - masters of some but defined by none. Wouldn’t it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them…

All images shot in Bournemouth by Jack Charlie Mitchell.