Good Vibes

Good Vibes 64 - Mixed by Bawrut


Italian born, Madrid based DJ and producer Bawrut delivers an eclectic range of sounds for Good Vibes 64. 



Tell us a bit about this mix – what inspired the selections?

I got inspired by a relaxed morning: no alarm clock, no coffee, no rush at all. Very chilled vibes, great for a Sunday morning or vacation time.



You’ve put out a few acid-laced EPs over the past couple of years. Why do you like the acid?

I always pay tribute to the classics and the Roland TB-303 is one of them. Acid House was born because of it. I had the chance to buy one 10 years ago and I did. It sounds like a mad and drunk alien that decided to make house music. And of course I like acid, but not the philological reinterpretations of the classics. I’d rather give it a melodic twist if I can.



You're based in Madrid. What's the electronic scene like out there? 

"Madrid is growing and in few years it will be like Barcelona” – this is what they told me first time I arrived here 5 years ago. Barcelona is still there on top and Madrid is growing. There are very good situations and clubs, like Mondo for example or Siroco, Berlin Cafè and Meta Circulo. I hope the city keep growing, it deserves and all the electronic heads as well. Maybe it’s too much techno oriented and sometimes it’s difficult find something different but honestly, in the last 18 months I’ve seen a lot of good changes. Maybe the time has arrived.



You also run SILENCIO, can you tell us a bit about that? 

Silencio is my house. 3 years ago I decided to promote Bawrut music via Silencio since nobody was listening to my demo and I built up this platform with interviews, music, podcasts, and more. Honestly, in the last 12 months Bawrut took up all my time and I haven’t had so much for following the blog but I hope it can come back soon, maybe with some releases and interviews. Creating everything, from content to graphics (my girlfriend designed the web and did all the artworks) is very rewarding. 



What have you been up to recently?

Playing a lot in different clubs and cities. It’s cool because I can test my new EPs, remixes and ideas I develop during the week. It’s the perfect gym to practice what you’ve done in your studio, and it’s fun. 


Name 3 records you couldn’t live without.

It’s not true, but:

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

Daft Punk - Homework

Lucio Battisti - La batteria, il contrabbasso eccetera



Which producers/DJs do you look up to, and why?

I like Fango, Genius of Time, Vin Sol, Red Axes. They’re the first artists passing through my mind. Their music is unpredictable, maybe it’s just house/techno music but they don’t use the same clichés for every track. We need more artists and producers like this and, of course, it’s because their music is great!



What does the rest of 2018 hold for you?

My new EP “4x4” is out on Ransom Note. I have a couple of remixes for Ransom Note Rec artists ready to come out, plus others for Alexander Robotnik, Nicola Cruz and Jimpster. And a new EP by the end of 2018. Plus, gigs at Les Nuits Sonores, Sonar, Farr Festival and much more. And yes, my birthday party this September in a secret location revealed in a couple of weeks. And all of you my friends are invited :)






LNS & DJ Sotofett - Jugando con Fuego (Sunrise mix)

Parris - Hanging with the Birds

Benoit B - Wet Cellophane

King Sunny Adé - Ja Funmi (Instrumental)

Bruxas - Selva Cosmica

3iO - Eple

Charlotte Do Santos - Move On

A Tribe Called Quest - Peace, Prosperity and a Little Paper

Mr. Mitch - My Life (µ-ziq remix)

Bufiman - Peace Moves

William Florelle ft. Lua - Next Time I’ll Learn (K15 remix)

Fiorious - Every Morning

Earth Trax & Newborn Jr. - Bailando

Nicolas Jaar - Rave on U

Johnny Osbourne - Forgive Them


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