Good Vibes

Good Vibes 77 - Mixed by Nicholas Daley x Caya Soundsystem


Designer Nicholas Daley inherited his family's love of Reggae culture - his parents hosted Scotland's first reggae night: The Reggae Klub. He now presents us with an exclusive reggae mix featuring tracks played within The Reggae Klub between '78 and '82.






1. Burning Spear -It is good

2. Judy Mowat - Black Woman

3. The Wailers - Small axe

4. Black Slate -Dread in the house

5. Misty in Roots- Wise and Foolish

6. The Abyssinians- Declaration of rights

7. Fabian - Prophecy

8. Earl 16- Children Rise

9. Twinkle Brothers- Jahovia

10. Aswad - Warrior Charge

11. Dennis Brown- Bubbling Foundation

12. The Revolutionaries- Kunte Kinte