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She's Lost Control


When Mercury is in Retrograde, things can feel off-kilter; the tube stops working and life decisions start to feel unbearably weighty. Luckily, She's Lost Control is on hand to help with energy balancing crystals - the perfect remedy for Retrograde season.

Back in 2014, Jill Urwin and Cheryl Eltringham decided to leave their jobs in fashion to launch a brand with meaning and purpose. She's Lost Control was born - bringing together fashion and ‘now’ age consciousness with wellness and lifestyle goods, including crystals, jewellery and potions.

We visited Jill in SLC's East London studio to talk about her love of crystals, personal meditation techniques, what sets She's Lost Control apart from the pack, and more... 


GOODHOOD: How did She’s Lost Control come to fruition?

JILL URWIN: I was working as a fashion buyer for about 10 years, then I wanted to do something a bit more creative and meaningful. I retrained as a jeweller, before eventually leaving to start my own jewellery business. This opened my eyes to the world of crystals and alternative wellness, which is when She’s Lost Control was born.

GH: Your brand fuses spirituality and fashion, what made you decide to bring the two together?

JU: These are my two worlds really, I love fashion and modern spirituality. LA was leading the way with the new wave of modern mysticism, but back in London it felt like there were no brands that merged the two. I felt like I didn't fit in with the new age shops that were everywhere, so I wanted to create a space where I wanted to hang, somewhere that didn’t feel intimidating.

GH: How did you first get into crystals?

JU: I used to collect crystals when I was little. My uncle’s a scientist, he introduced me to their symmetry and how they grow. When I started making jewellery, rough crystals were my go-to stones. The first piece I made was with smoky quartz, which is all about helping with balance. At the time I was in the early days of my business and got carried away with the creative side of things, sometimes forgetting I had to make money. I found that when I wore my smoky quartz necklace, it helped me balance my business side with my creative head, making me a lot more organized. That’s when I realized there was more to these crystals than meets the eye.

GH: She’s Lost Control seems to have a different vibe to the other wellness brands out there...

JU: It’s all about lifestyle for us. We tend to avoid the mainstream wellness route, especially as our roots are in fashion and music. Collaborating with brands like Ganni and The Beat Hotel means that we’re increasing awareness beyond the wellness industry. We’re always looking for the next new thing. Our Boys Club was launched recently to raise mental health awareness among men, It gives them the opportunity to meditate and share in sessions such as sound healing.

GH: What is sound healing?

JU: Therapeutic instruments such as gongs or crystal singing bowls can help you to relax, clear blockages or leap you into a meditative state. There are various scientific studies that prove sound actually resonates with our bodies on a cellular level. it can help you to relax, clear blockages or leap you into a meditative state.

GH: How often do you meditate?

JU: Every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Meditation comes in many different forms. I run a lot and that’s a form of meditation for me. You can make it a part of your routine, rather than something you have to fit in. Make it part of your life, little by little, even if you’re in the shower, try and focus for 10 minutes, everything helps.


GH: Have you ever had a meditation session where you felt like you were floating?

JU: Yeah, quite a lot. There are a few different things you can do (to hold that feeling). One of them is breathwork – a series of breathing techniques, some of which you have to hold your breath for. It’s transformational, you actually get really dizzy at one point. It takes your mind on a journey.

GH: I always find I start to lose control when I reach that point, I overthink it and snap out of the moment…

JU: That’s why crystals are quite good. If you use the crystal as a focal point whenever your mind wanders, you can start thinking about the crystal again. Bring your focus back to the crystal, holding it, visualizing energy flowing through your body. 

GH: What do you think of books like The Secret?

JU: I think it was a lot of peoples pathway into alternative therapy; the entry point for this new awakened generation. Millennials are very different, it’s not a coincidence that people are starting to think about the environment and the planet. I think The Secret was an introduction to the power of intention.

GH: It definitely opened me up to visualizing what I want from life…

JU: There's no actual proof that consciousness is only in our minds, it could exist everywhere. Intention is an energetic signal that we send out, crystals can also help you amplify that. 




GH: So did you manifest She’s Lost Control into existence, was it something you pictured beforehand?

JU: I suppose I did really, over time. I had a strong vision of how I wanted it to look and feel, and the brands I wanted to connect with - but if you’d asked me 10 years ago where I’d be now, I would never have said I'd be doing this. 

GH: You describe the brand as being: ‘a conscious lifestyle store for modern soul seekers’. Can you speak more on that?

JU: Modern soul seekers are the new-gen of millennials who are more in touch with themselves. They operate on a higher frequency and are more in touch with their journey. 

GH: Where did the name ‘She's Lost Control’ come from? I’m guessing the Joy Division track...

JU: Yeah, we really like Joy Division, we were listening to them a lot at the time. We’d just left our jobs and we were gonna start a crystal business when nobody was talking about crystals, so it felt pretty relevant. I think my mum did think we’d lost control.




GH: You seem like I calm person, I can’t imagine you losing control…

JU: The world that I’ve created with SLC helps me stay grounded. I do a lot of different things, so it can get very hectic. I'm always wearing different hats: whether it be with the jewellery, wellness events, collaborations, or making potions, so it’s good that I’m surrounded by wellness practices everyday.

GH: What's next for the brand?

JU: We’ve got a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline. I’m currently getting ready to launch The SLC Sustainable Mining Initiative, which is huge for us. It’s the first of its kind and will focus on bringing positive social, environmental and economic change to the crystal mining industry. We’re also in the process of developing some new product specifically for men: The ‘Boys Club Chill The F*** Out’ and ‘Money Magnet’ crystal moon sprays will be launching soon.