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Circular Plastics with Gomi


Introducing a collaboration based on a solution. Our Goodhood mailing bags and carriers are designed to be reused but for the ones we received back that can't be used in any other way, we decided to turn them into something purposeful. Throughout our store and warehouse, we collected and sent Gomi all of our plastic waste during the summer for them to mould into a limited edition range of speakers. The result is beautiful.

Designed and handmade in Brighton, gomi have created an immersive and powerful Bluetooth speaker detailed with unique black and white prints, embedded with Goodhood branding throughout. Due the nature of their recycled production, no two are the same, making each one totally unique and individual. A circular product worth the investment.

Recycling our Plastic

We've worked hard behind the scenes to develop our packaging for a multitude of reasons, but our main concern was to re-evaluate our use of plastics. We worked closely with an MBA student from the University of Exeter and consulted packaging suppliers to help us find the right packaging for our business needs, that would reflect our environmental responsibility goals. On looking at our carrier and mailer bag design we stumbled into a real societal problem. 


Our intuition was to get rid of plastic completely but after a lot of research and speaking to industry experts we started to see another problem. There was concern in the industry that a knee jerk reaction to plastic might create a new and worse problem. The plastics problem was not with production, but with its disposal and management. Plastic waste needs to be reduced where possible but eradication of this ingenius product is not advisable. This lead to us designing new online packaging for all of our web orders which is made out of a high-quality recyclable grade 4 plastic, LDPE. They’re strong enough to last and be reused. Due to their strength, there is no need for an inner plastic or paper liner, so your item will arrive to you in minimal packaging but with maximum protection.The bags are reusable and can be sealed to store, protect and aid the longevity of your garments at home or when travelling, and we do urge our customers to keep and re-use these bags. We've even seen them used as plant pots!


A chunk of these mailer bags make it back to us via returned orders, as well as via some of our lovely customers sending them back to us to give them another lifespan. We use these in our warehouse for storage, to protect clothing when travelling in and out of our warehouse, store and studio spaces, and the ones we don't use get sent to our recycling and waste management partner, First Mile.

Where Gomi come in

Using a modular way of building technology, Gomi use a variety of waste and recycled components to create a circular lifespan, where technology can be repaired as opposed to being thrown away. In other words, every single product is made from recycled plastics.


We teamed up with Gomi to give another lifespan to the mailer bags we have received back from our customers. We collected all of the mailer bag waste we accumulated in our store and warehouse throughout summer 2023 and sent it down the Gomi's Brighton-based studio for them to burn, sculpt and mould into a unique recycled plastic casing to produce a collaborative speaker. A product we see as circular, forward-thinking, and beautiful. Due the nature of their recycled production, no two are the same, making each one unique and individual.

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