The 'Everyday' Shirt

Smart. Casual. Dressed up. Dressed down. There are many styles of shirt, and even more ways to wear them. Here we break down the 'everyday' shirt - something you can wear on a day-to-day basis, whatever the occasion. Be it the timeless & classic oxford shirt, or the more contemporary striped shirt, we've used button-up connoisseurs Norse Projects to exemplify your perfect everyday shirt. We dissect their qualities and design to make it that much easier for you to find the perfect collar...

The Striped Shirt

A shirt that can be worn smart, and just as easily worn casually, the striped shirt is a style that has continued to rise in popularity through output from labels like Comme des Garçons and Norse Projects. The Hans shirt is a perfect example of a stripe shirt's versatility through a timeless cut and understated approach.