East London

Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund launched CMMN SWDN in 2012 in Malmö, Sweden’s multicultural and creative hotspot, with the aim of creating hybrid, quality wardrobe staples mixed with progressive, standout pieces. The pair first met in London whilst studying at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion, and went on to work across a number of fashion houses, including Wooyoungmi and COS.

Working together as Head of Design under Kanye West’s label in Paris prompted the pair to start their own label, now based out of East London. CMMN Sweden proposes a new image of masculinity that blends elements of youth culture with a more elegant, sartorial outlook. The brand utilises unique fabrics, modern cuts and subtle detailing to build a solid collection of tailored pieces that sit together perfectly.

  • Net Tank Top - Beige

    CMMN SWDNNet Tank Top - Beige$103.20S / M / L / XL

  • Wes Knitted Short Sleeve Shirt - Burgundy Stripe

    CMMN SWDNWes Knitted Short Sleeve Shirt - Burgundy Stripe$308.31S / M / L / XL

  • Igor Coach Jacket - Grey Check

    CMMN SWDNIgor Coach Jacket - Grey Check$377.97$189.63S / M / L / XL

  • Misha Sweater - Brown Check

    CMMN SWDNMisha Sweater - Brown Check$459.24$229.62S / M / L

  • Curtis Polo Neck Sweater - Black

    CMMN SWDNCurtis Polo Neck Sweater - Black$290.25$145.77S / M / L / XL

  • Buck Track Pant - Black/Grey

    CMMN SWDNBuck Track Pant - Black/Grey$313.47$125.13S / M / L / XL

  • Buck Track Pant - Grey

    CMMN SWDNBuck Track Pant - Grey$313.47$125.13S / M / L / XL