Junya Watanabe Man


Junya Watanabe once protege of Rei Kawakubo creator of Comme des Garcon, was given his own line within the Comme des Garcon house in 1993. His collections are amongst the most influential of any in today's market place, marked with an intelligent, modest approach to clothing design. He has notoriously collaborated with many established brands where he has been known to deliver the essence of a brands identity.

There is a beautiful simplicity in his approach to clothing and work on collaborations, where he has a knack of taking a brand to a new place while respecting it's heritage. Quality & craftsmanship, respect for tradition are all key, while subtly tweaking iconic designs to create products that capture the zeitgeist. Recent design partnerships have seen him create co branded products with McIntosh, Brooks Brothers, Lewis Leathers, Trickers, Carhartt, Converse and many more.

  • Shaggy Cardigan - Black/White

    Junya Watanabe ManShaggy Cardigan - Black/White$593.40M / L

  • Hooded Coat - Khaki/Beige

    Junya Watanabe ManHooded Coat - Khaki/Beige$793.35M / L / XL

  • Coat - Black

    Junya Watanabe ManCoat - Black$741.75M / L / XL

  • Hooded Coat - Navy/Orange

    Junya Watanabe ManHooded Coat - Navy/Orange$793.35M / L / XL

  • Oxford Shirt - Sax/Orange

    Junya Watanabe ManOxford Shirt - Sax/Orange$625.65M / L

  • Knitted Jumper - Grey/Yellow

    Junya Watanabe ManKnitted Jumper - Grey/Yellow$625.65M / L

  • Flannel x Cotton Shirt - Sax/White

    Junya Watanabe ManFlannel x Cotton Shirt - Sax/White$496.65M / L / XL

  • Trouser - Beige

    Junya Watanabe ManTrouser - Beige$535.35S / M / L

  • Wool Beanie - Camel

    Junya Watanabe ManWool Beanie - Camel$154.80M

  • Wool Beanie - Black

    Junya Watanabe ManWool Beanie - Black$154.80M