NOMA t.d.


NOMA t.d. was founded by Masako Noguchi and Takuma Sasaki. Noguchi graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo before studying textile design at Chelsea College of Art in 2003. Since graduating she has designed textiles for a number of fashion labels. Sasaki ran his own boutique in Tokyo and has travelled extensively in search of talented young designers.

NOMA t.d. was launched to combine the pair's talents, experience, and knowledge of design. They produce a range of their own textiles by utilising handcrafted graphics and their collection has steadily grown in size and popularity since they launched in 2005. The label's signatures include exceptional attention to detail and a free, interpretive style.

  • Fleece Track Pant - Black Tie Dye

    NOMA t.d.Fleece Track Pant - Black Tie Dye$483.75$242.52L / XL

  • Paisley Embroidered Shirt - Off White

    NOMA t.d.Paisley Embroidered Shirt - Off White$438.60$219.30M / L / XL

  • Paisley Thermal T-Shirt - White

    NOMA t.d.Paisley Thermal T-Shirt - White$399.90$199.95M / L / XL

  • Paisley Thermal T-Shirt - Black

    NOMA t.d.Paisley Thermal T-Shirt - Black$399.90$199.95M / L / XL

  • Sweater - Beige/Ivory

    NOMA t.d.Sweater - Beige/Ivory$451.50$225.75L / XL

  • Denim Painting Pants - Indigo/White

    NOMA t.d.Denim Painting Pants - Indigo/White$438.60$219.30L / XL

  • Book 1

    NOMA t.d.Book 1$25.80One Size