Wacko Maria

Tokyo, Japan

We've been a fan of this cult Tokyo label for a minute. The brand was created by two former J-League Football players and friends, Nobuhiro Mori & Keiji Ishizuka, and was born out of their first venture, the Rock Steady bar in Tokyo. The brand's main inspirations revolve around American culture, film, music, photography and girls. The quality is always premium, but it's their no fucks given attitude that really sets them apart.

They've even collaborated with some of the biggest names from the underground art world, including LA tattooist Tim Lehi, and Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama. Look out for their signature styling across classic pieces such as coach jacket, army shirts, and more featuring intricate graphic embroidery, bold text, and the signature Wacko Maria 'GUILTY PARTIES' type.

  • x Kuumba Incense - Grey

    Wacko Mariax Kuumba Incense - Grey$30.96One Size

  • Star Pin - Black

    Wacko MariaStar Pin - Black$16.77One Size

  • Maria Pin - Black

    Wacko MariaMaria Pin - Black$25.80One Size

  • Tiger Pin - Yellow

    Wacko MariaTiger Pin - Yellow$25.80One Size

  • x High Times Coach Jacket (Type 4) - Black

    Wacko Mariax High Times Coach Jacket (Type 4) - Black$229.62M / L / XL

  • x High Times Rasta Striped Crew Neck Sweater

    Wacko Mariax High Times Rasta Striped Crew Neck Sweater$492.78M / L

  • x High Times Hawaiian Shirt (Type 1) - White

    Wacko Mariax High Times Hawaiian Shirt (Type 1) - White$509.55S / M / L

  • x High Times Marijuana Swimming Shorts

    Wacko Mariax High Times Marijuana Swimming Shorts$441.18M / L

  • High Times x Wacko Maria Marijuana Tote Bag - Black

    Wacko MariaHigh Times x Wacko Maria Marijuana Tote Bag - Black$212.85One Size

  • Leopard Hawaiian Shirt - Yellow/Beige

    Wacko MariaLeopard Hawaiian Shirt - Yellow/Beige$424.41S / M / L

  • Atomic Spider S/S Hawaiian Shirt - Black

    Wacko MariaAtomic Spider S/S Hawaiian Shirt - Black$543.09S / M / L

  • Tim Lehi x Wacko Maria Vietnam Jacket - White

    Wacko MariaTim Lehi x Wacko Maria Vietnam Jacket - White$815.28M / L / XL

  • Jacquard Cardigan - Leopard

    Wacko MariaJacquard Cardigan - Leopard$594.69M / L / XL

  • Classic Cardigan (Type 2) - White

    Wacko MariaClassic Cardigan (Type 2) - White$459.24M / L / XL

  • Heavy Weight Crew Neck Sweatshirt - Black

    Wacko MariaHeavy Weight Crew Neck Sweatshirt - Black$277.35M / L / XL

  • Weed Pattern Bandana - Black

    Wacko MariaWeed Pattern Bandana - Black$96.75One Size

  • x Porter Card Case - Leopard

    Wacko Mariax Porter Card Case - Leopard$234.78One Size