Tried & Tested : Beauty & Grooming

01 May 2017


Tried & Tested

We asked you, the customer, to get to know some top beauty & grooming
products from the store before giving us an honest review...






Aesop - Coriander Seed Body Cleanser

Review by Rachel Smart

"Aesop's cult brand status is completely justified in this product. My skin is dry - not lizard-like but nonetheless at times problematic. Using this body cleanser has meant I can genuinely cut back on my usual post-shower ritual of moisturiser slathering (think sheep-dipping)! However, the best part of this product is the smell. It is fresh yet unusual and perfectly 'ungendered', equally appreciated by all that have used it. Another irrefutable bonus has to be how effortlessly cool it manages to look in the shower."







retaW - Fragrance Body Shampoo 'Isley'

Review by Ben Lamb

"When you see the price tag you wonder how this product can be that much better than others on the market, however after using it for a while I can now see why! The retaW fragrance body shampoo really cools your skin while washing and leaves you with a fresh minty scent that makes you feel extremely refreshed and ready for the day ahead. I also noticed that only a small amount is needed to achieve maximum effects and unlike many other products that fade pretty much instantly the minty citrus scent of Isley stays with you throughout you day maintaining that fresh feel. Overall I definitely recommend this product to anybody considering it."





Grown Alchemist - Polishing Face Exfoliant

Review by Anoushka Alexander

"It is a scrub which the packet says you can use daily to smoothe, refine and cleanse your skin. The first thing that caught my attention was how it is completely natural with no added nasties, something I’m very keen on as I have exceptionally sensitive and temperamental skin, so I tend to think the more natural the better. I used the product when my skin was playing up with a break out and it helped clear it up. I used if for three days in a row, but that was too much for me as my skin is so sensitive and I found the grains a bit too rough for me, so I went back to using it now and then, but people with more normal skin could use it daily. The granules are very fine and the product comes out as a smooth paste. A little goes a long way - a couple of times I ended up wasting some as I’d squeezed far too much into my hand - so the tube would last ages. I’m not sure I’d recommend this particular product, as it wasn’t spot-on for me, but I’d mention the range to anyone who was interested in natural skin-care and cared about the environment."