Maple is an accessories line hailing from the west coast of Canada. Established in 2014, the brand focused on an expanding array of high-quality items, specialising in crafting premium leather goods that combine a meticulous attention to detail with quality and considered design. 

Partnering with manufacturers both in Canada and abroad, they create products with an aesthetic that is equal parts crafted, refined, and fashion-forward. Maple products support a unique Canadian lifestyle of urban, rural, and outdoor settings, whilst focusing on quality.

  • Bolo Necklace - Silver

    MapleBolo Necklace - Silver$264.45One Size

  • Justin Rivard Bead Necklace - Black/Silver

    MapleJustin Rivard Bead Necklace - Black/Silver$171.57One Size

  • Pacific Necklace - Black

    MaplePacific Necklace - Black$140.61One Size

  • Misery Whip Bracelet - Natural

    MapleMisery Whip Bracelet - Natural$74.82One Size

  • Dots Ring - Silver

    MapleDots Ring - Silver$121.26M / L