Copenhagen, Denmark

Design house Broste is based in Copenhagen and creates contemporary collections designed for home life. Broste was founded in 1955 and has grown into one of Scandinavia’s leading interior brands. With a strong Scandinavian ethos to travel the world for inspiration and materials, the end result is a collection of high-quality, clean, yet simplistic designs that balance Nordic tradition with contemporary ideas. Materials remain central to the brand’s ethos, so Broste products retain the character and feel of the materials from which they’re created.

Here at Goodhood we take stock of a wide range of goods from patterned woven mats, statement flower vases, candles wrapped in birch bark and hand knitted pouffes made by local craftswomen to name but a few. The simplistic colour palettes and raw textures from Broste will fit perfectly into any given environment, all of which will bring a little Nordic way of life into your home

  • Basket 'Isle Fold' Sea Grass 3 Set - Natural

    BrosteBasket 'Isle Fold' Sea Grass 3 Set - Natural$105.78One Size

  • Hanging Flowerpot 'Almas' Large - Simply Taupe

    BrosteHanging Flowerpot 'Almas' Large - Simply Taupe$50.31L

  • Ceramic Vase 'Slim' Small - Simply Taupe

    BrosteCeramic Vase 'Slim' Small - Simply Taupe$12.90S

  • Ceramic Vase 'Slim' Large - Black

    BrosteCeramic Vase 'Slim' Large - Black$19.35L

  • Ceramic Vase 'Slim' Small - Black

    BrosteCeramic Vase 'Slim' Small - Black$12.90S

  • Porcelain Vase 'Doris' 2 Set - Nature/Rainy Day

    BrostePorcelain Vase 'Doris' 2 Set - Nature/Rainy Day$63.21One Size

  • Rug 'Chindi' 70x140cm - Rock Ridge

    BrosteRug 'Chindi' 70x140cm - Rock Ridge$50.3170x140cm

  • Rug 'Chindi' 60x90cm - Rock Ridge

    BrosteRug 'Chindi' 60x90cm - Rock Ridge$28.3860x90cm

  • Rug 'Chindi' 70x140cm - Golden Fleece

    BrosteRug 'Chindi' 70x140cm - Golden Fleece$50.3170x140cm

  • Rug 'Chindi' 60x90cm - Golden Fleece

    BrosteRug 'Chindi' 60x90cm - Golden Fleece$28.38$19.3560x90cm

  • Rug 'Chindi' 60x90cm - Peat

    BrosteRug 'Chindi' 60x90cm - Peat$28.3860x90cm

  • Throw 'Leon' - Indian Ran

    BrosteThrow 'Leon' - Indian Ran$158.67$110.94130x180cm

  • Throw 'Leon' - Smoked Pearl

    BrosteThrow 'Leon' - Smoked Pearl$158.67130x180cm

  • Chopping Board 'Tilly' Oak 35x30x1.5cm - Natural Oiled

    BrosteChopping Board 'Tilly' Oak 35x30x1.5cm - Natural Oiled$63.21$43.8635x30x1.5cm

  • Chopping Board 'Tilly' Oak 27x20x1.5cm - Natural Oiled

    BrosteChopping Board 'Tilly' Oak 27x20x1.5cm - Natural Oiled$38.70$27.0927x20x1.5cm

  • Teapot 'Esrum' Stoneware - Ivory/Brown

    BrosteTeapot 'Esrum' Stoneware - Ivory/Brown$64.50130cl

  • Mug With Handle 'Esrum' Stoneware - Ivory/Brown

    BrosteMug With Handle 'Esrum' Stoneware - Ivory/Brown$12.9025cl

  • Mug 'Esrum' Stoneware - Ivory/Brown

    BrosteMug 'Esrum' Stoneware - Ivory/Brown$10.32One Size

  • Small Bowl 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand

    BrosteSmall Bowl 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand$20.6417x5cm

  • Mini Bowl 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand

    BrosteMini Bowl 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand$9.039x3.5cm

  • Dinner Plate 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand

    BrosteDinner Plate 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand$32.2526x2.7cm

  • Dessert Plate 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand

    BrosteDessert Plate 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand$20.6420x2.4cm

  • Mug 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand

    BrosteMug 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand$15.4835cl

  • Espresso Mug 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand

    BrosteEspresso Mug 'GROD' Stoneware - Sand$12.9015cl

  • Carafe With Lid 'Smoke' Glass - 100cl

    BrosteCarafe With Lid 'Smoke' Glass - 100cl$50.31100cl

  • Carafe With Lid 'Smoke' Glass - 60cl

    BrosteCarafe With Lid 'Smoke' Glass - 60cl$39.9960cl

  • Tumbler 'Smoke' Glass 35cl - Clear / Grey

    BrosteTumbler 'Smoke' Glass 35cl - Clear / Grey$14.1935cl

  • Medium Round Marble Plate - Green

    BrosteMedium Round Marble Plate - Green$16.77M

  • Small Round Marble Plate - Green

    BrosteSmall Round Marble Plate - Green$14.19S

  • Small Round Marble Plate - White

    BrosteSmall Round Marble Plate - White$12.90S

  • Tea Towel 'Thin Stripe' Cotton - White/Black

    BrosteTea Towel 'Thin Stripe' Cotton - White/Black$19.3550x70cm

  • Tea Towel 'Thin Stripe' Cotton - White/Sand

    BrosteTea Towel 'Thin Stripe' Cotton - White/Sand$19.3550x70cm

  • Tea Towel 'Stripe' Cotton - Simply Black

    BrosteTea Towel 'Stripe' Cotton - Simply Black$19.3550x70cm

  • Tea Towel 'Stripe' Cotton - High-Rise

    BrosteTea Towel 'Stripe' Cotton - High-Rise$19.3550x70cm

  • Tea Towel 'Waffle' Cotton - Castlerock

    BrosteTea Towel 'Waffle' Cotton - Castlerock$19.3550x70cm

  • Tea Towel 'Waffle' Cotton - Pure White

    BrosteTea Towel 'Waffle' Cotton - Pure White$19.3550x70cm

  • Candle With Birch Bark 7.5x15cm

    BrosteCandle With Birch Bark 7.5x15cm$16.777.5x15cm

  • Candle With Bark 7.5x15cm

    BrosteCandle With Bark 7.5x15cm$16.777.5x15cm

  • Candle With Bark 7.5x10cm

    BrosteCandle With Bark 7.5x10cm$11.617.5x10cm

  • Pillar Candle Stearin - 7x15cm

    BrostePillar Candle Stearin - 7x15cm$11.617x15cm