House Doctor

House Doctor is a Danish brand that combines Scandinavian design sensibilities with a cosy bohemian touch. Designed to be provocative, personal, and informal, the brand belies that homeware elements should be mixed rather than matched in order to create an atmosphere full of personality.


  • Clips 8.5cm (8pcs) - Black

    House DoctorClips 8.5cm (8pcs) - Black$24.518.5cm

  • Clips 5cm (20pcs) - Black

    House DoctorClips 5cm (20pcs) - Black$19.355cm

  • Clips 3cm (40pcs) - Black

    House DoctorClips 3cm (40pcs) - Black$19.353cm

  • Paperclips (30pcs) - Black

    House DoctorPaperclips (30pcs) - Black$12.90One Size

  • Woven Hanging Planter - 42x45cm

    House DoctorWoven Hanging Planter - 42x45cm$86.43One Size

  • Woven Hanging Planter - 33x30cm

    House DoctorWoven Hanging Planter - 33x30cm$90.30One Size

  • Shape Baskets Set Of Three - Small

    House DoctorShape Baskets Set Of Three - Small$60.63One Size

  • Ivy Pillow - 50x50cm

    House DoctorIvy Pillow - 50x50cm$70.95One Size

  • Ivy Pillow - 30x50cm

    House DoctorIvy Pillow - 30x50cm$51.60One Size

  • Toolbox - White

    House DoctorToolbox - White$58.05One Size

  • Pitch Vase - Grey/Blue

    House DoctorPitch Vase - Grey/Blue$37.41One Size