House Doctor

House Doctor is a Danish brand that combines Scandinavian design sensibilities with a cosy bohemian touch. Designed to be provocative, personal, and informal, the brand belies that homeware elements should be mixed rather than matched in order to create an atmosphere full of personality.


  • Tribe Rug - 90x200cm

    House DoctorTribe Rug - 90x200cm$325.00One Size

  • Indie Hemp Rug

    House DoctorIndie Hemp Rug$137.80One Size

  • Blue Tria Cushion - 60x80cm

    House DoctorBlue Tria Cushion - 60x80cm$123.5060x80cm

  • Blue Tria Cushion - 50x50cm

    House DoctorBlue Tria Cushion - 50x50cm$57.2050x50cm

  • Blue Tria Quilted Bedspread - 220x140cm

    House DoctorBlue Tria Quilted Bedspread - 220x140cm$258.70220x140cm

  • Vase - Grey/Blue

    House DoctorVase - Grey/Blue$62.40Ø22xH36cm

  • Pitch Vase - Grey/Blue

    House DoctorPitch Vase - Grey/Blue$37.70One Size

  • Bobble Vase - Dark Grey

    House DoctorBobble Vase - Dark Grey$53.30Ø23.5x22cm

  • Mira Hemp Storage Basket - Large

    House DoctorMira Hemp Storage Basket - Large$52.00One Size

  • Mira Hemp Storage Basket - Small

    House DoctorMira Hemp Storage Basket - Small$48.10One Size

  • Tanger Basket - Large

    House DoctorTanger Basket - Large$28.60Ø32x36.5cm

  • Tanger Basket - Small

    House DoctorTanger Basket - Small$22.10Ø24x18.5cm

  • Azeema Basket - Ø28x21cm

    House DoctorAzeema Basket - Ø28x21cm$48.10Ø28x21cm

  • Lake Dinner Plate 27cm - Grey

    House DoctorLake Dinner Plate 27cm - Grey$16.9027cm

  • Lake Bowl 13cm - Grey

    House DoctorLake Bowl 13cm - Grey$13.0013cm

  • Lake Mug 8.3cm - Grey

    House DoctorLake Mug 8.3cm - Grey$10.408.3cm