For over two decades now Japanese lifestyle brand Kuumba International have been producing traditionally made premium quality incense using a meticulous process of naturally and artificially scenting various raw materials such as agarwood, sandalwood and even bamboo. Having worked in collaboration with the likes of Neighborhood and Supreme as well as developing a range of excellent lifestyle goods to accompany the incense selection Kuumba has fast become the go-to guys for all things aromatic. 

Our selection of scents from the brand includes core classics (Fig, Sandalwood and Vanilla), pure crazies (Booty Call anyone?) as well as some particularly Goodhood-centric scents (Good Life, Hood Love). Mixing expert practice with a playfully cool vision, Kuumba has have got it down to a tee.

Find out more about Kuumba in the feature 'Achieving Nirvana: Visiting Kuumba International'

  • Incense - Spice

    KuumbaIncense - Spice$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Nagchampa

    KuumbaIncense - Nagchampa$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Vanilla

    KuumbaIncense - Vanilla$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Rain Forest

    KuumbaIncense - Rain Forest$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Play Boy Bunny

    KuumbaIncense - Play Boy Bunny$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Love Supreme

    KuumbaIncense - Love Supreme$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Kush

    KuumbaIncense - Kush$11.70One Size

  • Incense - It's All Good

    KuumbaIncense - It's All Good$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Hood Love

    KuumbaIncense - Hood Love$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Happy

    KuumbaIncense - Happy$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Gucci Guilty

    KuumbaIncense - Gucci Guilty$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Good Life

    KuumbaIncense - Good Life$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Good Day

    KuumbaIncense - Good Day$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Fig

    KuumbaIncense - Fig$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Banana Coconuts

    KuumbaIncense - Banana Coconuts$11.70One Size

  • Incense - Thug Life

    KuumbaIncense - Thug Life$11.70One Size

  • x Goodhood Incense - Nirvana

    Kuumbax Goodhood Incense - Nirvana$18.20One Size

  • Metal Can Incense Burner - Black/Natural

    KuumbaMetal Can Incense Burner - Black/Natural$158.60One Size

  • Metal Can Incense Burner - White/Black

    KuumbaMetal Can Incense Burner - White/Black$158.60One Size