Studio Arhoj

Copenhagen, Denmark

Originally founded in Tokyo in 2006 by Anders Arhoj, this beautiful ceramic brand is now based in the harbour of Copenhagen, but still keeps some Japanese influence in it’s design. Studio Arhoj creates unique and affordable objects that explore the relationship between Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture.

Arhoj seeks to keep original processes and knowledge alive by utilising old crafts such as wheel throwing and glaze construction. They celebrate the honesty of clay and take pride in the fact that their ceramic pieces are hand made and decorated and therefore each one is completely unique - no two are alike. 

  • Familia - Yellow

    Studio ArhojFamilia - Yellow$30.96One Size

  • Familia - Blue

    Studio ArhojFamilia - Blue$30.96One Size

  • Familia - Pink

    Studio ArhojFamilia - Pink$30.96One Size

  • Ghost - Pink

    Studio ArhojGhost - Pink$21.93One Size

  • Money Bird - Shadow Blue

    Studio ArhojMoney Bird - Shadow Blue$69.66One Size

  • Yuki Vase - Assorted

    Studio ArhojYuki Vase - Assorted$69.66One Size

  • Pen Pot - Assorted

    Studio ArhojPen Pot - Assorted$43.86One Size

  • Splash Jar - Assorted

    Studio ArhojSplash Jar - Assorted$43.86One Size

  • Slurp Cup - Assorted

    Studio ArhojSlurp Cup - Assorted$30.96One Size

  • Chug Mug - Assorted

    Studio ArhojChug Mug - Assorted$49.02One Size

  • Winter Bowl - Assorted

    Studio ArhojWinter Bowl - Assorted$41.28One Size

  • Ghost - Red

    Studio ArhojGhost - Red$21.93One Size

  • Ghost - Blue

    Studio ArhojGhost - Blue$21.93One Size

  • Ghost - Monochrome

    Studio ArhojGhost - Monochrome$21.93One Size

  • Familia - Green

    Studio ArhojFamilia - Green$30.96One Size

  • Familia - Purple

    Studio ArhojFamilia - Purple$30.96One Size

  • Familia - Monochrome

    Studio ArhojFamilia - Monochrome$30.96One Size

  • Money Bird - Forest Mint

    Studio ArhojMoney Bird - Forest Mint$69.66$49.02One Size

  • Money Bird - Pom Pom

    Studio ArhojMoney Bird - Pom Pom$69.66One Size

  • Big Bird Jar

    Studio ArhojBig Bird Jar$43.86L