Wingnut & Co

Melbourne, Australia

Wingnut & Co. were established in 2013 by two artists as a side project to their day jobs. They are committed to utilising discarded natural materials from workshops around Melbourne. Timber off-cuts are all used for Wingnut & Co. products as well as new materials with sustainable life cycles. 

The natural materials lead the design process, natural patterns and textures are celebrated. One half of Wingnut, Asuka, was born and raised in Kyushu, Japan and is heavily inspired by the ceramics studios of the area. 

  • Oil Burner - Shiro

    Wingnut & CoOil Burner - Shiro$93.60One Size

  • Oil Burner - Mugi

    Wingnut & CoOil Burner - Mugi$93.60One Size

  • Oil Planter - Odo

    Wingnut & CoOil Planter - Odo$93.60One Size

  • Oil Planter - Koke

    Wingnut & CoOil Planter - Koke$67.60One Size

  • Planter S - Suna

    Wingnut & CoPlanter S - Suna$58.50S

  • Yunomi Tea Cup - Shiro

    Wingnut & CoYunomi Tea Cup - Shiro$31.20One Size

  • Studio Cup - Suna

    Wingnut & CoStudio Cup - Suna$44.20One Size