Introducing : New Brands at the Life Store

10 Jun 2016

As the Life Store expands and grows, each new addition is carefully chosen to seamlessly fit into our curated offer, whilst also bringing something new and unique into the mix. From traditional Japanese porcelain kitchenware from Hasami to classically minimal scandinavian homewares from Skagerak, these are the latest brands you need to know.





Hasami Porcelain are based in one of the foremost pottery districts in Japan; Nagasaki. Hasami's range of porcelain tableware is characterised by its ultra clean lines, smooth texture and organic feel. All Hasami products are made within a certain group of dimensions, meaning they can be stacked for ease of storage and to enhance the beauty and harmony of the overall design aesthetic of the brand. A store favourite already.

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  • Mug Clear - 85x72

    Hasami PorcelainMug Clear - 85x72$35.1085x72

  • Tea Pot Clear - 145x106

    Hasami PorcelainTea Pot Clear - 145x106$124.80145x106

  • Tea Pot Black - 145x106

    Hasami PorcelainTea Pot Black - 145x106$124.80145x106

  • Tea Pot Natural - 145x106

    Hasami PorcelainTea Pot Natural - 145x106$88.40145x106













Norden is run by husband and wife team Erika and Pete Panciera. Each Norden product aims to encapsulate that special feeling you get from items passed down through generations, or when something feels like it was made for you and only you. Fed up of people throwing things away, Norden's candles are designed to be used as containers when the candle has fully burnt. A great idea in a world filled with consumables that we take for granted.

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    The Commons is the brainchild of Erin Connelly and Kerry Clark Speake, and they boast thirty-five combined years in the fashion and design industry. Growing disinterested with the idea of mass overseas manufacturing, they set out to create a destination to find American made goods for the home with a modern sensibility. They have developed a collection of hand crafted goods on a small scale utilising local communities. They believe that surrounding yourself and filling your home with beautiful, useful goods made by designers with a passion for hand production will enhance your quality of life and we couldn't agree more...

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      Caroline Z Hurley is based in Brooklyn, New York. Each collection is inspired by a city, and Caroline herself is heavily inspired by her travels. A painter at heart, she absorbs the culture and colour of each city and channels that spirit into her work when returning to Brooklyn. All of Caroline's products are manufactured using the cottage industry across North and South America, and the brand originally started with production by a co-operative in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where skilled weavers were taught how to block print.

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        Skagerak is a family-owned company with historical roots in Scandinavian geography and proud furniture traditions. Their passion for wood and focus on quality have remained intact, as they have developed into a fully fledged modern design brand with an extensive selection of products. They utilise established designers as well as up-and-coming talents in the design process. Skagerak's vision is to create products that are ensured a long lifespan by their aesthetic and more importantly, functional qualities. That is how the company define sustainability...that things are made to last. That they age well and accumulate stories over time as they exist and live with you.

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          COLD PICNIC


          Cold Picnic is run by Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer from their studio in Brookyln, New York. The pair are heavily influenced by indigenous crafts, nature and the powdery, vibrant palettes of 1970s movies. They began producing side projects together and before long, Cold Picnic was born. Cold Picnic's output explores imagined and misremembered landscapes and the effects of time and elements across their surfaces.

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            WEAK END CLUB


            Weak End Club is a Sydney based cross disciplinary design practice currently working in the wonderful world of ceramics. They produce glazed functional ceramic objects such as planters, bowls, plates, vases, vessels and trays to sit with you in your studio space or at home. Each Weak End Club product is entirely handmade and finished, making them totally unique and one of a kind.

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              DOMINIK WOODS


              Dominik Woods began his career as a graphic designer in France, before deciding to take a more hands on approach to being creative. He began his woodworking career under master luthier John S. Kinnard, and after creating his first wooden cutting boards, he began receiving requests from friends and family and it took off. It remains a one man operation, with Dominik selecting each piece of wood himself, and crafting each product by hand in his studio. Each piece of wood is strong and beautiful, and is treated with a natural beeswax and food-safe mineral oil blend.

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                Ivy Weinglass is a Brookyln based artist, ceramicist, set designer and stylist who makes beautiful hand made ceramics from her studio. She began experimenting with ceramics after a period of creative drought and hasn't looked back since. She is most well known for her delicate ceramics hands. Each one is totally unique and represents the open palm of protection, as well as blessings, power, strength and the deflection of the evil eye.

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                • Small Open Palm Plate - White Triangles

                  IIIVVVYYYSmall Open Palm Plate - White Triangles$49.405"

                • Small Open Palm Plate - White Palm, Clear Fingers

                  IIIVVVYYYSmall Open Palm Plate - White Palm, Clear Fingers$45.505"

                • Large Open Palm Incense Holder - White Triangle

                  IIIVVVYYYLarge Open Palm Incense Holder - White Triangle$59.803"

                • Large Open Palm Incense Holder - White Palm, Clear Fin

                  IIIVVVYYYLarge Open Palm Incense Holder - White Palm, Clear Fin$59.803"












                SAITO WOOD


                Saito Wood was founded by Isamu Saito in the Japanese prefecture of Shizuoka in 1950. The brand specialise in moulding plywood and their range of wooden homewares are unique in the market. The first products developed by the brand were plywood ice buckets, that are still made today in the labels expanded product range. A brilliantly unique new addition.

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