New York, USA

From the camp of Nepenthes comes AïE (Arts in Education), a new label founded in 2017 and lead by designer Kenta Miyamoto, formerly assistant designer to Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments for many years. With New York and London subcultures acting as the label’s key reference points, AïE produces modern, elevated takes on classic workwear silhouettes, all produced in New York’s Garment District.

As with all of Nepenthes labels, there’s a distinct emphasis on quality and design backed by years of expertise which means AïE is definitely one to watch. Fans of utilitarian favourites Needles and Engineered Garments take note.

  • WRD Jacket - Black

    AiEWRD Jacket - Black$612.75$429.57S / M / L

  • WSMB Jacket - Dark Navy

    AiEWSMB Jacket - Dark Navy$522.45$366.36S / M / L

  • Painter Shirt - Black/White Brushed Twill Plaid

    AiEPainter Shirt - Black/White Brushed Twill Plaid$290.25$203.82S / M / L

  • MB Pant - Kelly

    AiEMB Pant - Kelly$399.90$279.93S / M / L

  • MB Pant - Brown

    AiEMB Pant - Brown$399.90$279.93S / M / L

  • KZT Pant - Dark Navy

    AiEKZT Pant - Dark Navy$367.65$258.00S / M / L

  • Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt - Grey/Peacock

    AiEPullover Hooded Sweatshirt - Grey/Peacock$283.80$198.66S / M / L

  • Longsleeve T-Shirt - Navy/Peacock

    AiELongsleeve T-Shirt - Navy/Peacock$154.80$108.36S / M / L

  • Longsleeve T-Shirt - Kelly/Peacock

    AiELongsleeve T-Shirt - Kelly/Peacock$154.80$108.36S / M / L