All Blues

Stockholm, Sweden

All Blues is a Stockholm-based jewellery brand, founded in 2010 by Frederik Nathorst and Jacob Skragge, two old friends. The label aims to create luxury jewellery people want to collect and is built on a multidisciplinary approach to packaging, campaign, and retail experience. Each piece is handcrafted by expert artisans at a third-generation goldsmith farm outside Stockholm, primarily using solid 925 sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil.

All jewellery is handcrafted in Sweden using local and ethically sourced materials, which are recycled to minimise environmental impact, with sustainability being central to the brand's ethos.

  • Platform Ring - Polished/Brushed Gold

    All BluesPlatform Ring - Polished/Brushed Gold$283.8018mm/56 / 18.6mm/58 / 19mm/60 / 20mm/62 / 21mm/64

  • Square Ring - Brushed Silver

    All BluesSquare Ring - Brushed Silver$154.8018mm/56 / 18.6mm/58 / 19mm/60 / 20mm/62 / 21mm/64

  • Square Ring - Brushed Gold

    All BluesSquare Ring - Brushed Gold$180.6018mm/56 / 18.6mm/58 / 19mm/60 / 20mm/62 / 21mm/64

  • Rectangle Small Earring - Brushed Silver

    All BluesRectangle Small Earring - Brushed Silver$129.00One Size

  • Rectangle Bracelet - Brushed Silver

    All BluesRectangle Bracelet - Brushed Silver$309.60S / M / L

  • Square Bracelet - Brushed Silver

    All BluesSquare Bracelet - Brushed Silver$232.20S / M / L

  • Triangle Bracelet - Polished/Brushed Silver

    All BluesTriangle Bracelet - Polished/Brushed Silver$335.40S / M / L