Tokyo, Japan

Mikia is a Japanese jewellery brand that is heavily inspired by the idea of travelling and the journey you take along the way. We are each inspired by our own unique journey and the people, places and scenes you encounter. 

Mikia designer, Aki Mitsubayashi, believes these treasures become your jewellery. The brand produce supremely beautiful beaded bracelets and necklaces, as well as re-appropriating vintage bandanas. We are excited to welcome the brand to our growing jewellery roster. 

  • Roundel Beads Bracelet - Onyx

    MikiaRoundel Beads Bracelet - Onyx$156.00M / L

  • Bandana Bracelet - Black

    MikiaBandana Bracelet - Black$137.80One Size

  • Bandana Bracelet - Navy

    MikiaBandana Bracelet - Navy$137.80One Size

  • Bandana Bracelet - Indigo

    MikiaBandana Bracelet - Indigo$137.80One Size

  • Snake Karabiner Bracelet - Black

    MikiaSnake Karabiner Bracelet - Black$243.10M / L

  • Snake Karabiner Bracelet - Silver Chain

    MikiaSnake Karabiner Bracelet - Silver Chain$299.00M / L

  • Small Beads Necklace - Black/White

    MikiaSmall Beads Necklace - Black/White$137.80One Size

  • 4mm Beads Double Wrap Bracelet - Rainbow Obsidian

    Mikia4mm Beads Double Wrap Bracelet - Rainbow Obsidian$175.50One Size

  • Snake Karabiner Bracelet - Silver/Onyx

    MikiaSnake Karabiner Bracelet - Silver/Onyx$185.90M / L

  • Snake Bangle Bracelet - Silver

    MikiaSnake Bangle Bracelet - Silver$539.50M / L