Sun Buddies

Malmo, Sweden

Sun Buddies is a premium eyewear line from Sweden-based fashion brand Très Bien. Taking inspiration from the sunglasses worn by Bibi Anderson in Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 film, Persona, as well as other streams of art and pop culture, the Sun Buddies range provides a modern, Scandinavian take on a variety of classic and timeless pieces.

Each frame is individually handmade and fitted with Carl Zeiss lenses, and the brand also works on a variety of collaborations with designers, photographers, and artists close to the brand, their own Sun Buddies, if you will.

  • Junior - Purple Brown Tortoise

    Sun BuddiesJunior - Purple Brown Tortoise$162.50One Size

  • Greta Sunglasses - Gin & Tonic

    Sun BuddiesGreta Sunglasses - Gin & Tonic$149.50One Size

  • Greta Sunglasses - Black

    Sun BuddiesGreta Sunglasses - Black$149.50One Size

  • Ozzy Sunglasses - Gold/Moody Blues

    Sun BuddiesOzzy Sunglasses - Gold/Moody Blues$175.50One Size

  • Ozzy Sunglasses - Black/Transparent Grey

    Sun BuddiesOzzy Sunglasses - Black/Transparent Grey$175.50One Size

  • Ozzy Sunglasses - Silver/Silicon Valley Blue

    Sun BuddiesOzzy Sunglasses - Silver/Silicon Valley Blue$175.50One Size

  • Zinedine Sunglasses - Purple Rain

    Sun BuddiesZinedine Sunglasses - Purple Rain$162.50One Size

  • Courtney Sunglasses - Purple Rain

    Sun BuddiesCourtney Sunglasses - Purple Rain$162.50One Size

  • Edie Sunglasses - Asteroids

    Sun BuddiesEdie Sunglasses - Asteroids$149.50One Size

  • Akira Sunglasses - Moody Blues

    Sun BuddiesAkira Sunglasses - Moody Blues$162.50One Size

  • Akira Sunglasses - Brush Strokes

    Sun BuddiesAkira Sunglasses - Brush Strokes$162.50One Size

  • Akira Sunglasses - Cherry Hill

    Sun BuddiesAkira Sunglasses - Cherry Hill$149.50One Size