Silicon Valley is renowned for its tech. From the first ever commercial radio broadcast to the sleek curves of the iPhone, some of the best modern innovations have come out of the Californian hub. The area’s also home to Pax Labs, a company founded by two Stanford Design School graduates who, since its inception in 2007, have been quietly reinventing the wheel when it comes to dry herb vape technology. PAX is often described as the ‘Apple’ of vaporizers, as both companies subscribe to a similar design ethos consisting of sleek, minimal lines and the elimination of anything overtly complicated or unnecessary.











The Pax 3 is the latest iteration of the Pax vape and is even more sleek, satisfying to use, and discreet as its predecessor. Whilst the Pax 2 is still a firm favourite here at Goodhood, this latest model packs in several new, innovative features designed with the user in mind. From the aesthetics of its elegant polished outer shell to the innovative airflow design with haptic feedback, all elements of the Pax 3 come together to elevate your high. 


The first thing you notice with the Pax 3 is the care and attention to design Pax Labs has put into developing their product. Judging a book by it’s cover applies when it comes to the Pax 3’s premium, neat packaging, and the device comes complete with every accessory you’ll need, from charging station to cleaning implements. The major aesthetic upgrade the Pax 3 has had is the outer shell’s finish: polished in a challenging, laborious 10-step process, and available in Rose Gold, Black, Gold, and Silver. Sitting in the hand’s a dream, and the build quality remains outstanding.







The PAX 3 comes with three oven lids; full size, half size & a special one for concentrates.


PAX's magnetic charging station plugs straight into your computer via USB.






Aesthetics, however, are only a small part of the Pax 3. Under the hood this iteration boasts a raft of improved technical features. There’s now a choice of 3 lids (full, half, and a new concentrate insert), as well as improved heating. The Pax 3’s new battery lowers the heating time from 45 seconds to a mere 22 seconds, meaning it’s ready to go when you are and, with approx. 17% greater capacity, each full charge yields 8-10 full bowls, or 100 minutes of heated run-time.


The Pax 3 gives broad temperature control via a simple, stylish, and innovative interface: the signature four petal LED. There are 4 default settings, rising to 60 via the Pax app, from 360 F/182 °C to 420 F/215 °C. Lip sensing on the Pax’s mouthpiece provides a temperature boost, whilst haptic feedback gives gentle vibrations to let you know when you’re drawing too hard. The attention to detail doesn’t stop there, and the Pax 3 comes with a choice of improved mouthpieces.







The PAX is housed in a perfectly polished aluminium body with subtle branding throughout.


The PAX app allows you to customize your vaping experience by adjusting the temperature to achieve the stealthiest smoke, adjust the flavour and more.






 But why does it all matter? Some would argue that having all the bells and whistles is unnecessary; that when you’re dealing with a natural product it’s best to keep it exactly that. But that’s a rather puritan approach, isn’t it? Many similarly brushed off the iPhone when that was introduced, and look at its ubiquity today. In a grand sense, technology develops and we should embrace it, that’s why the Pax matters – vaping is both an art and a science, with a several-billion-dollar industry built around it. But, at it’s most fundamental, as with all the other things we now consider ourselves unable to live without, it’s a damn good piece of equipment, and it delivers an exceptional user experience. Pax is premium, the ultimate high.







What's in the box? 


 The PAX 3 complete kit comes with all the necessities to start vaping straight out of the box:







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  • PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit - Black

    PAX VaporizerPAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit - Black$286.00One Size

  • PAX 3 Vaporizer - Device Only - Black

    PAX VaporizerPAX 3 Vaporizer - Device Only - Black$221.00One Size

  • PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit - Rose Gold

    PAX VaporizerPAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit - Rose Gold$286.00One Size

  • PAX 3 Vaporizer - Device Only - Rose Gold

    PAX VaporizerPAX 3 Vaporizer - Device Only - Rose Gold$221.00One Size

  • PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit - Silver

    PAX VaporizerPAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit - Silver$286.00One Size

  • PAX 3 Vaporizer - Device Only - Silver

    PAX VaporizerPAX 3 Vaporizer - Device Only - Silver$221.00One Size

  • PAX 2 Vaporizer - Charcoal

    PAX VaporizerPAX 2 Vaporizer - Charcoal$169.00One Size

  • PAX Half-Pack Oven Lid

    PAX VaporizerPAX Half-Pack Oven Lid$11.70One Size

  • PAX Pack Of Screens - 3 Pack

    PAX VaporizerPAX Pack Of Screens - 3 Pack$10.40One Size





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