Every brand we sell has a look that can be seen in their communication and lookbooks. It often varies from season to season as the brands slowly adapt to markets and seasonal changes. Our interaction with the brands gives us an insight into some of the people behind the brands. Often informing their collections with their own personal style it’s at this point where brands really come alive for us. At this point we can immediately feel the essence of a brand and what values past, present and future it’s likely to uphold. These people by their very nature are some of the most stylish people we know. Good style is based on the confidence that comes from a positive attitude when you have the conviction to be yourself. Here we look to some of our favourite Goodhood Store brands to showcase the unique style behind them. From Soulland to Norse Projects, AFOUR, Gasius, Perks and Mini, Indigofera and Universal Works. All different but built on the foundations of self-confidence which becomes a springboard for originality.