Launched in Tokyo in 2012 by designer Mizuki Ueda, Enföld is based around the idea of hidden beauty and minimal dressing. Enföld itself means ‘wrapping’ and ‘embracing’, and the label believes that the pleasure felt by wearing beautifully rendered, constructed and considered garments allow the expression of a person’s natural beauty.

Focused on gently revealing hidden beauty, by concealing rather than showing, the brand’s designs focus on structure and detailing, creating a personal relationship between the wearer and the garment. Having made waves in their native Japan, Enföld comfortably sits alongside the likes of MM6 Maison Margiela, A.P.C., and Acne Studios.

  • No Collar Coat - Top Grey

    EnfoldNo Collar Coat - Top Grey$919.77$690.15S / M

  • Lara Volume Sleeve Cropped Pullover - Green

    EnfoldLara Volume Sleeve Cropped Pullover - Green$580.50M / L

  • Fine Wool Double Cloth Relax Jumper - White

    EnfoldFine Wool Double Cloth Relax Jumper - White$486.33S / M / L

  • Double Cloth Straight Trouser - White

    EnfoldDouble Cloth Straight Trouser - White$451.50XS / S / M

  • Double Cloth Straight Trouser - Black

    EnfoldDouble Cloth Straight Trouser - Black$505.68XS / S / M

  • Cash Touch V-Neck Wide Pullover - Charcoal Grey

    EnfoldCash Touch V-Neck Wide Pullover - Charcoal Grey$505.68M / L

  • Soft Typewriter Gather Shirt - White

    EnfoldSoft Typewriter Gather Shirt - White$505.68S / M

  • Drawstring Wide Trouser - Charcoal Grey

    EnfoldDrawstring Wide Trouser - Charcoal Grey$505.68S / M / L

  • Rib Socks - Charcoal Grey

    EnfoldRib Socks - Charcoal Grey$47.73One Size

  • Rib Socks - Red

    EnfoldRib Socks - Red$47.73One Size