LF Markey

London, UK

Founded by Australian born Louise Markey, a former fabric shop worker turned Central Saint Martins Graduate, LF Markey is a London based luxury brand for the elegant but practical woman. After graduating in 2007, Markey went on to consult for many luxury labels across the globe finally settling back in London to channel her experience into her own brand.

Originally starting as shirtmakers, LF Markey launched with their key style OSCAR, a sleeveless silk workshirt. Now an all-encompassing brand featuring excellently cut outerwear, knitwear, shirting and accessories, LF Markey is widely lauded for it’s ability to reinterpret wardrobe staples through distortion of shapes and intricate finishing.

  • Big Boy Jean - Indigo

    LF MarkeyBig Boy Jean - Indigo$153.51Waist 26 / Waist 27 / Waist 28 / Waist 29 / Waist 30

  • Finlay Corduroy Boilersuit - Red

    LF MarkeyFinlay Corduroy Boilersuit - Red$212.85XS / S / M

  • Finlay Corduroy Boilersuit - Navy

    LF MarkeyFinlay Corduroy Boilersuit - Navy$212.85XS / S / M

  • Super Shopper - Yellow

    LF MarkeySuper Shopper - Yellow$64.50One Size

  • Super Shopper - Red

    LF MarkeySuper Shopper - Red$64.50One Size

  • Brett Trouser - Coral

    LF MarkeyBrett Trouser - Coral$187.05$94.17S / M / L

  • Laure Trouser - Terracotta

    LF MarkeyLaure Trouser - Terracotta$187.05$94.17XS / S / M / L