Stand Alone


Stand Aloné is a Korean brand that has been running vintage shops around the Seoul area since 1990. ECRU, one of their main vintage store brands, sources a range of unique products from around the world.

This expertise in vintage sensibility plays into their own collections. Stand Aloné is reinterpreted as a season-specific collection utilizing this expertise, a range of elevated basics cut from quality fabrics and adorned with thought-out detailing.

  • Padded Shoulder T-Shirt - White

    Stand AlonePadded Shoulder T-Shirt - White$303.15$152.22S / M

  • Vintage Lounge Trouser - Yellow

    Stand AloneVintage Lounge Trouser - Yellow$285.09$143.19S / M / L

  • Ringer T-Shirt - White/Yellow

    Stand AloneRinger T-Shirt - White/Yellow$149.64$90.30S / M / L

  • Ringer Vest Top - White/Yellow

    Stand AloneRinger Vest Top - White/Yellow$149.64$104.49S / M

  • Side Stripe Trouser - Orange

    Stand AloneSide Stripe Trouser - Orange$347.01$207.69S / M / L

  • Side Stripe Trouser - Blue

    Stand AloneSide Stripe Trouser - Blue$347.01$207.69S / M / L

  • Loose Fit Lounge Trouser - White

    Stand AloneLoose Fit Lounge Trouser - White$277.35$166.41S / M / L