SUPER, by RETROSUPERFUTURE®, ignited the phenomenon of acetate sunglasses.
This brand were the first to produce a complete set of colourful fashion sunglasses that combined these characteristics together with high end manufacturing process.
SUPER sunglasses are manufactured using the highest standards. They are hand made in Italy by the best manufacturers and with the highest quality materials.

Because of their commitment to high quality materials, SUPER decided to use Zeiss lenses, which ensure a very high level of eye protection no matter what the condition. Since being on the market SUPER glasses have continued to produce great sunglasses as well as collaborating with some of todays most revered retailers and cult labels.

  • The Iconic Series Sunglasses - Black

    SuperThe Iconic Series Sunglasses - Black$193.50One Size

  • Eddie Sunglasses - Black

    SuperEddie Sunglasses - Black$175.44One Size

  • Classic Sunglasses - Havana

    SuperClassic Sunglasses - Havana$139.32One Size

  • Lucia Sunglasses - Black

    SuperLucia Sunglasses - Black$171.57One Size

  • Lucia Sunglasses - Puma

    SuperLucia Sunglasses - Puma$183.18One Size

  • Paloma Sunglasses - Classic Havana

    SuperPaloma Sunglasses - Classic Havana$159.96One Size

  • Paloma Sunglasses - Black

    SuperPaloma Sunglasses - Black$152.22One Size

  • Paloma Sunglasses - Metallics

    SuperPaloma Sunglasses - Metallics$161.25One Size

  • Panama Sunglasses - Black

    SuperPanama Sunglasses - Black$216.72One Size

  • Panama Sunglasses - Deep Blue

    SuperPanama Sunglasses - Deep Blue$252.84One Size

  • Terrazzo Sunglasses - 3627

    SuperTerrazzo Sunglasses - 3627$219.30One Size

  • Strada Sunglasses - Black

    SuperStrada Sunglasses - Black$281.22One Size

  • Giaguaro Sunglasses - Black

    SuperGiaguaro Sunglasses - Black$212.85One Size

  • Giaguaro Sunglasses - Puma

    SuperGiaguaro Sunglasses - Puma$252.84One Size

  • Wire Sunglasses - Silver

    SuperWire Sunglasses - Silver$251.55One Size