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Why You Need To Know thisisneverthat


We welcome thisisneverthat to the Goodhood family with a deep dive into the brand's rich history, their collaborations and their creative ethos.

The History of thisisneverthat ® 

Starting with humble beginnings thisisneverthat was founded in Seoul in 2010 by three friends, Nadan Cho, Jonkyu Choi, and Inwook Park. Their vision was to create a brand that captured the essence of street cultures that they had experienced having lived outside of Seoul, residing in cities like London and New York, the brand’s co-founders were naturally drawn to creating an aesthetic that represents global streetwear aesthetics while creating their own uniquely Korean identity.

This is also reflected in the brand’s visuals and editorials, with their look books jetting around the world giving their collections a global feel. Their collections are often set around the world in cities like London and San Francisco, and inspired by vintage magazine editorials from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

thisisneverthat have been at the forefront of the explosion of brands that have emerged from South Korea that have taken the entire world by storm and we would go so far as to call them trailblazers, paving the way for many who came after them.

Creative Ethos

In a world where trends come and go, thisisneverthat is often seen as a beacon of authenticity—a testament to the enduring power of creativity and the spirit of those who dare to defy the norm. As we welcome thisisneverthat to Goodhood, we are reminded once again of the potential of fashion to transcend barriers and unite cultures and celebrate a global culture.

At the heart of the brand lies a commitment to in-house production, a decision rooted in the belief that true creativity knows no bounds. A key facet of the brands attention to detail and quality is their decision is the teams decision to take full control of all aspects of design and production, finding masters of their crafts across the globe to create their products and this mentality has paid off, resulting in high quality garments across all of their inline collections.

The team at thisisneverthat attributes much of their success to the creatives they collaborate with, emphasizing the importance of surrounding themselves with talented individuals. In 2020 they celebrated their ongoing work with artists and musicians over the past decade, releasing a collection of music created by these collaborators to complement previous seasonal offering, on a highly limited white vinyl. thisisneverthat has always expressed their desire to consistently partner with visionary talents to produce and share vibrant work, recognising that every creation signifies is a continuous journey without a final destination, affirming their titular ethos that "this is never that."

Revered Collaborators

Not only have the brand proven themselves throughout each and every one of their in house collections, but the collective have garnered global attention for their collaborative projects. thisisneverthat have collaborated with super powers in the clothing world. thisisneverthat communicates with its "fashion neighbours" to form collaborating partnerships. The brand has certainly developed by a synergy between themselves and their arsenal of partners with a shared notion of delivering newness to the scene

In 2019, the brand sparked an ongoing chain of collaborations with New Balance with their own spin on a 1906R. More recently thisisneverthat created a trio of 550s dressed in lavender, green and brown.

The outstanding footwear collaborations don't stop there, the brand channel their multicultural ethos in their collaborative efforts too. Their collaboration with Timberland proving a true testament to the idea of global influence to their products with the perfect homage to New York. The global references in their collaboration continued with Clarks Originals on a Desert Boot and Wallabees, both of which have over time become synonymous with Jamaican culture.

Beyond their contributions to footwear, the team at thisisneverthat have curated collaborations with a countless number of culturally significant institutions. Some of our favourite of these partnerships, they have seamlessly integrated their unique aesthetic with icons spanning a number realms of creativity and influence. From the groundbreaking sounds of psychedelic rock pioneers like The Grateful Dead, to the globally beloved universe of Pokémon, thisisneverthat has shown their ability to bridge cultural spheres with the world they have created around them.

Thinking about everything that this brand has achieved in their 14 years of operating, and their deep rooted ethos, we are excited to be welcoming the brand through the doors at Goodhood. Explore the first of many deliveries from the brand below.