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Trouser Fit Guide AW22


From classic utilitarian workwear by General Admission, to super baggy extra wide Needles pants, to formal cuts from Stussy. Very different pants, with very different fits, but all share defining aspect of attention to detail, their focus on superior quality and their utilitarian simplicity. We believe the fit of the trouser can make, break or elevate an outfit, so we’ve put together a fit guide for you. All of our best trousers put together in easy-to-read categories, with guidance on how they fit, and what to pair them with. Check it out below…

The Dickies Original 874 Pant

A stone cold classic. Everyone needs a pair in their wardrobe. One of the more affordable options of a true staple, robust, and reliable pant. Historically adopted by a multitude of sub cultures from the workman, to 90s hip hop groups, to skaters. Made from heavyweight cotton (8.5 oz), these trousers are designed for a relaxed, straight leg and have a comfortable mid-waist rise, they're built to last.



The Gramicci Pant

Leading the way in form and function since 1982, Gramicci designs with young explorers in mind. The originators of modern climbing pants, the iconic Gramicci Pant offers practicality and a contemporary aesthetic. Choose from four core colours, great for rotating all year long, or opt for a slightly shorter and roomy fit in the Loose Tapered Pant in classic cotton twill or corduroy...



Relaxed Wide Trouser

Does what it says on the tin. Relaxed wide pants are roomy, comfortable, non-restrictive and give you room to breathe. Perhaps a slightly more formal approach to our extra wide pant selection, and footwear can be applied accordingly - we’re pairing ours with a Reebok Beatnik Moc. We’re offering up a range of beach pants and surplus cargo from Stussy, army string pants from South2 West8, and technical wide pants from F/CE. Suitable for all scenarios from dinner to the shop run, the office to the post-work pub trip. 



Fatigue Pant

The beauty of simplicity, the narcissism of small differences. Distilling something down to its most basic form and still making it look great takes skill, and the fatigue pant is a prime example of this. Traditionally designed in block colours, with large patch pockets, and some belt loops. As simple as stripped back as you can get. Originally designed as part of the US military’s OG-107 uniform (the OG meaning olive green, not original gangster) back in 1952, and little has changed since - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Super durable, last a lifetime, and feature a flattering straight leg fit. They can be dressed down with sneakers from New Balance or Vans, or elevated with some maple suede Clarks Originals Wallabees, keeping aligned with the military colour scheme.



Extra Wide Trouser

Big, baggy and boxy. Comfort levels turned up to the max. Bigger definitely seems to be better in the trouser world these days. Riding a nice line somewhere between ’90s skateboarding and Japanese street style; practical, loose, and non-restrictive, whilst also being durable and long-lasting. What’s not to love. With a selection from STORY mfg., Needles and Gentlefullness, we’re serving up a range of colours, fabrics, and patterns. For best results, pair with some box-fresh New Balance 991s.



Classic Workwear Trouser

Hard-wearing. Simplistic. No-nonsense. The classic workwear pant is a tried and tested style of legwear that has stretched far beyond the labourers and ranch hands they were created for decades ago. From carpenter pants to fatigue pants, from household names like Dickies, to some of our newer brands like General Admission. The key ingredient to our selection of workwear is the focus of excellent quality and durability. Pair with a classic Converse Chuck Taylor and nod to Cholo style.



2Pleat Tapered Trouser

2Pleat tapered trousers, also known as double pleat trousers are widely loved, and for a good reason. As the name suggests, these trousers feature added two pleats to each side of the front of the trousers. A relaxed and comfortable straight leg fit, adding a bit more room to the thigh (thanks to the pleats), juxtaposed by tapered ankle makes for a truly timeless look. That tiny tuck of fabric between pocket and fly adds more material to each leg, and often more fabric = more comfort. Pleated trousers were popular in Western men’s suits in the 1930s and became a go-to style in the late 1940s and 1950s. They’re just as relevant today in 2022. We’re pairing ours with Toga Pulla’s Lace Up Suede Shoe for a more formal look and feel.



Loose Cropped Trouser

Clothing mainstays are what we’re all about and a good pair of comfortable, loose fitting cropped pants doesn’t get more classic. Lay the foundations right, then build a wardrobe fit to stand the test of time. Simple, hardwearing, comfortable, and totally classic. A straight leg and some excess material can lend itself a more casual look, and a cropped ankle still gives it a sense of formality. The unsung heroes of your wardrobe. Pairing a loose cropped pant with a pair of classic Vans Vault OG Epoch LX to keep the look on the more informal side is a no brainer to us.



Formal Cut Trouser

Easy-to-wear relaxed shapes that elevate your outfit with a formal cut. Featuring a straight leg, often constructed from a breathable cotton or common suit material wool, formal cut pants are traditionally associated with formal occasions. This doesn’t always need to be the case - we’re dressing ours down with some suede Birkenstock Bostons for an everyday look.