Liam Owen

Liam Owen is a London-based ceramicist. He studied ceramics at the renowned Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 1997 and, twenty years later, he’s still in love with the material and the craft.

His focus is, as he puts it, ‘satisfyingly simple stoneware’, creating forms with a signature speckled two-tone glaze by hand. Currently, he produces wares on commission for a very limited handful of stores.

  • Stone Hanger Colour - Small

    Liam OwenStone Hanger Colour - Small$260.00One Size

  • Stone Hanger Classic - Medium

    Liam OwenStone Hanger Classic - Medium$331.50One Size

  • Stone Hanger Classic - Small

    Liam OwenStone Hanger Classic - Small$188.50One Size

  • Plant Pot - Speckle

    Liam OwenPlant Pot - Speckle$46.80One Size

  • Angled Bowl - Speckle

    Liam OwenAngled Bowl - Speckle$40.30One Size

  • Incense Stick Holder - Speckle

    Liam OwenIncense Stick Holder - Speckle$37.70One Size

  • Angled Vase - Style 3

    Liam OwenAngled Vase - Style 3$76.70One Size

  • Angled Vase - Style 2

    Liam OwenAngled Vase - Style 2$67.60One Size

  • Contour Vase - Straight

    Liam OwenContour Vase - Straight$76.70One Size

  • Pen Pot - Speckled

    Liam OwenPen Pot - Speckled$42.90One Size

  • Side Plate - Two Tone

    Liam OwenSide Plate - Two Tone$37.70One Size

  • Mug - Two Tone

    Liam OwenMug - Two Tone$50.70One Size

  • Tumbler - Two Tone

    Liam OwenTumbler - Two Tone$29.90One Size

  • Dessert Bowl - Teal

    Liam OwenDessert Bowl - Teal$37.70One Size

  • Mug - Speckled

    Liam OwenMug - Speckled$50.70One Size