Danish design company MENU was founded in 1976. Passionate about design, new materials and clever detailing, they strive to create high quality products that evoke feelings and innovation. Collaborating with talented designers and obsessed with clever solutions and functional details,

Goodhood is happy to stock some of their beautiful, minimalist pieces. MENU aims to make design and products that matter. We think they do.

  • JWDA Metallic Lamp - Black

    MenuJWDA Metallic Lamp - Black$234.00One Size

  • JWDA Concrete Lamp - Light Grey/Brass

    MenuJWDA Concrete Lamp - Light Grey/Brass$221.00One Size

  • Willmann Vase - Light Grey

    MenuWillmann Vase - Light Grey$91.00One Size

  • Kettle Glass Teapot - 1.5L

    MenuKettle Glass Teapot - 1.5L$84.50One Size

  • Bottle Grinder 2 Pack Walnut Lid - Hunting Green/Beige

    MenuBottle Grinder 2 Pack Walnut Lid - Hunting Green/Beige$78.00One Size