Tokyo, Japan

Sasquatchfabrix. was founded in 2003 by Japanese design collective Wonder Worker Guerilla Brand and is overseen by designer Daisuke Yokoyama. 

The brand integrate elements of 90s street and graffiti culture into their clothing whilst maintaining a distinctly unique bridge between wearable streetwear and more avant garde pieces of clothing. The brand utilise traditional Japanese ideas of production and manufacturing as well as fabrics into their collections. Get a closer look at Sasquatchfabrix. here. 


  • 'Marebito' Souvenir Jacket - Black x Black

    Sasquatchfabrix.'Marebito' Souvenir Jacket - Black x Black$1046.19M / L

  • Savege Sweat Parka - Black

    Sasquatchfabrix.Savege Sweat Parka - Black$265.74M / L / XL

  • Rib Stitch L/S T-Shirt - Black

    Sasquatchfabrix.Rib Stitch L/S T-Shirt - Black$225.75M / L / XL

  • Oriental Sleeve Sweatshirt - Black

    Sasquatchfabrix.Oriental Sleeve Sweatshirt - Black$265.74M / L / XL

  • Oriental Sleeve Sweatshirt - Light Pink

    Sasquatchfabrix.Oriental Sleeve Sweatshirt - Light Pink$265.74M / L / XL

  • Notched Collar Satin Shirt - Black

    Sasquatchfabrix.Notched Collar Satin Shirt - Black$387.00M / L / XL

  • Hi-West Satin Pants - Black

    Sasquatchfabrix.Hi-West Satin Pants - Black$514.71M / L