Tokyo, Japan

Unused is a refined concept created to provide clothes that touch the past and progress their memory to the future. An outlook that is rarely found outside of Japan, the concept is at once both modern and familiar. Unused is a label that does not force itself upon anyone; its graceful effortlessness intrinsic in each piece of Unused clothing. 

Unused garments carry a label that states, "Refinement Garments," and this is also expressed through their Limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees against defective craftsmanship and materials. All UNUSED garments come with a black or white label. White Label is washed and therefore preshrunk, Black label is unwashed.


  • Checked Overcoat - Camel

    UnusedChecked Overcoat - Camel$2064.00XS / S / M

  • Straight Leg Jean - Bleach Indigo

    UnusedStraight Leg Jean - Bleach Indigo$832.05Waist 25 / Waist 26 / Waist 27 / Waist 28 / Waist 29

  • Silk Bandana - Purple

    UnusedSilk Bandana - Purple$122.55One Size

  • Silk Bandana - Light Beige

    UnusedSilk Bandana - Light Beige$122.55One Size

  • Beanie Hat - Purple

    UnusedBeanie Hat - Purple$64.50One Size

  • Beanie Hat - Camel

    UnusedBeanie Hat - Camel$64.50One Size

  • Beanie Hat - Grey

    UnusedBeanie Hat - Grey$64.50One Size

  • Chain - Silver

    UnusedChain - Silver$335.40One Size