Snow Peak


Founded by Japanese born mountaineer Yukio Yamai in 1958, Snow Peak was born out of a dissatisfaction with outdoor product and a strive to create the most superior gear on the market. Fast forward to 2013 and the brand is continuing to do just that. Take for example the incredible Hozuki Lantern, an LED camping lantern that has a setting that enables the LED light to react to wind and sound, the same way a candle flame would, giving you all the romance of a candle without the danger of live flame in a flammable tent… Amazing.

Snow Peak are all about functionality and usability as well as eco-friendly design. The stunning Pack & Carry Fireplace is designed to keep your fire off the ground, limiting the amount of waste left behind and protecting the terrain beneath. Each and every Snow Peak product possesses qualities that make you smile and shake your head with awe. The brand's passion and involvement with it's product truly resonates with the user, to the point dropping everything and venturing into the wild seems like the perfect idea. Shop The Life Store's first Snow Peak selection below and be inspired.

  • Take! Bamboo Chair

    Snow PeakTake! Bamboo Chair$230.91One Size

  • "My" Table Bamboo Top

    Snow Peak"My" Table Bamboo Top$174.15One Size

  • Pack & Carry Fireplace Grill Nets (S)

    Snow PeakPack & Carry Fireplace Grill Nets (S)$67.08One Size

  • Pack & Carry Fireplace (S)

    Snow PeakPack & Carry Fireplace (S)$172.86One Size

  • Fireplace Cast Iron Coal Bed (S)

    Snow PeakFireplace Cast Iron Coal Bed (S)$47.73One Size

  • Mini Hozuki LED Candle Lantern - Snow

    Snow PeakMini Hozuki LED Candle Lantern - Snow$58.05One Size

  • Pack Bucket

    Snow PeakPack Bucket$65.79One Size

  • Classic Kettle 1.8L

    Snow PeakClassic Kettle 1.8L$139.32One Size

  • Collapsible Coffee Drip

    Snow PeakCollapsible Coffee Drip$43.86One Size

  • Tableware Bowl - Medium

    Snow PeakTableware Bowl - Medium$20.64One Size

  • Snow Peak Wabuki Chopsticks - Medium

    Snow PeakSnow Peak Wabuki Chopsticks - Medium$52.89One Size

  • Titanium Spork

    Snow PeakTitanium Spork$14.19One Size

  • Umbrella UL - Grey

    Snow PeakUmbrella UL - Grey$72.24One Size

  • Umbrella UL - Beige

    Snow PeakUmbrella UL - Beige$72.24One Size